Christopher Newport University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


CNU is a university that offers a top of the notch academic program that focuses on student success, and is accompanied by a beautiful and prestiges campus.


The school is brochure perfect.


Christopher Newport University is a opportunity, an amazing opportunity to expand one's education, to develop great integrity, to challenge one to the fullest in every aspect, and to ultimately achieve excellence.


Christopher Newport University is the ultimate liberal-arts college experience.


Christopher Newport University is a smaller college with a beautiful campus, great food, wonderful residence halls, and very welcoming and friendly faculty and students.


Christopher Newport University is very expensive, it has a beautiful campus and it has a lot of wonderful people that attend the school.


Good preparation for college, but daftly stringent at times.


My school is very tight like a community, everyone seems to be really nice, and is very good about making sure the teachers have outside of class time to get together with students that have questions.


I continue to learn things about CNU, myself and my future while attending this university


A small community where you will know your peers and professors, including the natural respective benefits and drawbacks.


My school is friendly, accepting, acedemically driven and compassionate.


Christopher Newport University is an absolutely beautiful campus filled with kind, passionate, intelligent students and teachers, as well as faculty and staff members who work hard to put the students' interests and needs first.


Christopher Newport University is a quaint, chill, awesomely amazing school near the beach; however, they don't like it when we drink.


A small community that values the student.


CNU is nice and small, but sometimes too small, like when you run into people from the weekend that you don't care to see, or are embaressed to see.


My school is changing, comfortable, friendly, pretty, has a mixture of small and medium sized classes, safe, challenging, educational, and made up of mainly Virginians.


Even if you're not sure about what you want to do with your life or know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life; you'll always fit in at CNU.


Christopher Newport University isn't actually how it is portrayed.


CNU is a student-focused environment that promotes holistic growth through a strong liberal arts academic education, a wide variety of social organizations and opportunities, resources for personal growth and future planning, and a strong focus on giving back to local, regional, and even world communities.


CNU is very welcoming and friendly; most people want to be there and enjoy getting to know others.


CNU is the friendliest place I've ever been; it is my home.


small like a family


CNU is a small, yet vibrant community that strives for artistic, academic, and moral excellence.


CNU has a friendly atmosphere where fun-loving students should go to recieve their education.


It's ever so pretty and full of little pockets of diversity that pop up to introduce you to an alternative way of life.


A Liberal arts environment with location near many employers.


Feels like home.


Very beautiful campus with new buildings, and very friendly, helpful, and caring students and faculty.


CNU has everything you need within a 10 minute walk or a 10 minute drive, and CNU can give you all the resources and tools you want as long as you seek them out.


CNU is an amazing and fun liberal arts school with a major focus on honesty, integrity, and personal growth to help prepare students for the career world and life.


Georgian esque buildings, construction is part of everyday life but the campus is beautiful!


CNU is perfect.


This school is student run and oriented, growing every minute, and is amzingly vibrant and youthful.


Christopher Newport University is a conversative Christian college disguised as a public liberal arts school, where most students who attend follow common trends, although their is a nice niche of subcultures to counteract these mainstream populations.