Christopher Newport University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Very large dorms with nice living places and accepting more students than they have bed for. Also known for Paul Tribles love of contruction on campus.


The school is known for its beauty.


CNU is widely known for it's high merits (most students admitted have an average GPA of 3.7) and how difficult it is to be accepted. It has also grown extensively in the past few years and is making a very positive reputation for itself. It has been in Princeton Review's top colleges for two years in a row now, and is becoming one of the top colleges in America.


Christopher Newport University is, hands down, best known for our family-like atmosphere. People at CNU hold doors for one another, make eye contact when envolved in any conversation, and smile whenever they pass someone on the sidewalk. This community feel is a trait that CNU should forever be recongized for.


A liberal arts college with many different choices. A great place for the student seeking a medium sized college in a medium sized town. An up and coming school with rapid growth and plenty of chances for a person to shine.


Christopher Newport University is best known for its "private school feel and public school price." The university is also well known for it's Presidential Leadership Program and three masters program (which includes education, environmental science and physics). I am apart of the PLP program and am on track to receive my masters in environmental science. The PLP program requires students to perform volunteer work, a minor in leadership and attendance in several monthly speakers.


We are best known for our growing school, full of all different kinds of people who work together as a community.


Christopher Newport University has a wide variety of majors and minors. With a great support for the arts, our wonderful Ferguson Center houses most of the performing arts classes and provides excellent performance space as well as a venue for visiting artists and performers.


The leadership prgram is the most important to our campus president


Christopher Newport Unviersity, in my opinion, is best known for how much the students give back to the surrounding community. There is an Office of Service Learning, that focuses on helping students gain experience in their field while spending time giving back to the community that gives so much to us.


Either their winning lacrosse team or its wealthy demographic of students.


Our school is best known for track, the arts such as theatre and music, our business school, and lastly our science department.


Christopher Newport University is best known for its small class sizes, beautiful campus, friendly staff and very helpful professors. CNU is known to have very good division three athletics and is rising in competeitiveness in admissions. It is well known to have grown in many ways since President Trible has really built up the campus. This school it also known well for its Ferguson Center Theatre of Arts.


Reputation as a public liberal arts unviersity. Rigorous curriciculum in some of the harder majors like Law, Medicine, and Music. Sports.


being a dry campus


Our school is known for being "aesthetically pleasing"; the buildings and residence halls are beautiful.


Though CNU is a dry campus there is an excessive amount of drinking on and off campus. With CNU being dry, students are forced to be sneaky with their alcohol when on campus or are forced to attend parties off campus. The parties off campus are normally busted if within walking distance or if further away students are usually stranded for rides home. Some students drive under the influence and we have had deaths due to this.




Our President- Paul Trible and his astonishing renovations to the school's buildings and grounds. We're beautiful!




CNU is known for its Ferguson Center for the Arts.


My school is best known for it's center for the arts.




Great classes, students, and professor. Bad food.


Great, awesome facilities


The Ferguson Center of the Arts


CNu prides itself on providing a well-rounded experience. It's not all about in the classroom - there's a big emphasis on leadership, community involvement etc. There's a big emphasis on finding good work after colelge that is profitable and amkes you happy.


The President's Leadership Program and the Luter School of Business. We are also known for the Ferguson Center for the Arts which was designed by I.M. Pay who designed the Louvre in France.


My freshman year the Fergusson Center for the Arts was completed. It includeds a state of the art concert hall and theatre hall and has brought an unprecedented number of artists and performances to Newport News that would otherwise not have come. It has attracted many to Newport News and Christopher Newport University and in doing so has begun to bring up the area around Newport News. Aside from that I think we are best known for our on-campus housing. It is all relatively new and much nicer than most if not all colleges in the state of Virginia.


CNU is known best for both its business school and its school of the arts. CNU is also infamous for its aquostic theater, The Fergueson Center. There are constantly famous artists performing here, making our drama/art program very desirable. It also brings in many speakers from large companies, reaching out to CNU's career seeking upperclassmen. CNU also has some of the most successful athletic programs. We are consistantly near the top if not at the very top of our conference in every single sport. Our track team for example has been national champions for the past 12 year.