Christopher Newport University Top Questions

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It is small enough so that you can have a relatinship with your professors and get to know them when it is time to graduate and you are looking for letters of reccomendations.


Small school with a large school feel. Get personalized attention without being overbearing.


Private school environment


The small size of the school is different because while on campus, one doesn't actually feel as if he or she is on a small campus. Also, surrounding the campus there are a variety of things to do, such as events in the city, the beach, and nature trails.


They had personal, small classes where your opinion can be heard.


As a currrent member of Phi Mu, I would have to say the most unique aspect is Greek Life. When talking to other college students, greek life seems to be more of a competition than an organization. They are friends with their sisters/brothers but their circle of friends does not stretch far beyond that. At CNU whether in your in Phi Mu or Gamma Phi Beta to a Sigma Phi Epsilon or Pi Lamda Phi, we seem to have friends no matter what letters a boy/girl is wearing on their shirt.


The size of CNU makes it an ideal school. It is small enough that you are not just considered a number, yet big enough that you are always meeting new people.


I chose this school because when you walk on campus here is is very unlikely to not see someone you know. Also when you are walking to class everyone smiles and says hi to eachother even if they don't know eachother. Overall the friendlyness of this campus help me decide that this was the school for me.


Even though we're a D3 school, we function like a D1. We have just as nice, if not nicer, facilities. We work just as hard and it's not easy getting into this school by any means.


It's beautiful and I like the size of the classes. There aren't many students so its easy to speak with a teacher when the need comes. They are also willing to help and make time.


The teachers here are very interested in the students. Since the classes are so small there is a lot more interaction, it's easier to ask your questions, and you can create a better relationship with your professors. The dorms are amazing, even the freshmen dorms, but you do pay more for them then most schools do. Greek life is pretty big here, almost everyone is affiliated with a social, buisness, or art fraternity. Christopher Newport is ideal for someone who wants to go to a small school and is interested in Greek life.


the most unique thing about Christopher Newport University is that everywhere i go, people are always friendly. They are so respectful to others and treat you like a part of a big family. Other schools are where people find their "true" friends" and some of the schools are just too big. This schol is a perfectly sized school and everyone is pretty much treated that same.


Very strong leadership program that is outstanding in it's classes, community, student to faculty relationships, and community service. There is an overwhelming feeling of belonging and friendship on campus. Very clean, well manicured buildings and residence halls. Outstanding food services.


There are small class sizes, and a sense of closeness throughout the community because of the small number of students.


Small, but not too small. Perfect Size and lots of options


It is a university in the process of building and growing. Its reputation continues to get better every year and most buildings are being redone and updated. Compared to the other schools I considered attending in high school, which already have an established reputation.


Leadership minor, and a lot of focus on art and new buildings


The school is very small so it only takes as much as 12 or so minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. Even though it is small, there are still plenty of things to do during the week. There are parties in a certain appartment complex off campus (avoid it!.. lots of students get caught underage drinking there...) I've never been to this complex =) Not everything is revolved around sororeties/frats and parties. Plenty of fun activities are hosted by the campus activities board. This campus is beautiful, with plenty of TREES!!


Our school is very new and constantly growing, and the dorm rooms are very liviable and sufficient.


We have the amazing Ferguson Center for the Arts which is a world-class theater that has national and international concerts and performances all the time - and we get great student ticket prices!


CNU has one of the fastest growing reputations within VA schools. It continues to get more difficult to be accepted and remain in good academic standings. The facilities are all brand new and uncomparable to other schools in VA. The on-campus housing is the best I've seen. They have a difficult time finding on-campus space for everyone, because most students want to live on campus for at least their first three years. President Paul Trible is an excellent leader and spokesman. He continues to build and add-on to CNU's already great campus.