Christopher Newport University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is dedicated to their schooling!


Anyone who is serious about learning and achieving their goal and at the same time have a good time during it should attend Christopher Newport University. The classes are small, so you get a lot of one- on-one time with your teachers. The University has a friendly environment. Christopher Newport University has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the No. 6 up-and-coming regional university in the South. News ranked CNU among the top 46 colleges and universities in the nation that made changes in the areas of academics, faculty, student life, campus or facilities.


Someone who has a drive to succeed and will use their resources to the best of their ability (since CNU has a wonderful array of academic tools).


I believe anyone who is looking for a school with a low number of students and a small campus should attend this school. Athletes and even non-athletes who love participating in a variety of campus ativities would enjoy attending CNU. At this school, even with the small population, I think anyone can find the type of people they usually hang around without feeling like there is no one who can relate to them.


Someone who enjoys not feeling like just a number and seeing the same faces while going to school.


A type of person who should attend this school would be one that like to make new friends, get close to their RA and just be friendly with everyone in campus. A person who wants to join clubs or start clubs or one that enjoys having a great time around the school.


A person who wants to attend this school should be ready to help others. Strong leadership and community service are likely to be well recieved. The campus is of the growing sort, seeking to pull itself up from obscurity into a visible and favorable light; thus the sort of students who are often involved in such things as student governments would be at home here. Also those with a touch of the "high-brow" would be comfortable at this school.


A person should attend this school if they are used to discipline and if they are very focused on their schoolwork. This school is a very good place for those who are truly dedicated to schoolwork but since the campus is so small, there is not much else to do other than homework.


CNU is the perfect school for someone who wants an excellent education, while also being in a place where lifelong memories are made. Since it is a smaller school, students become close with one another and the faculty. No matter what the major is-whether it be biology to art to social work, anyone who attends CNU will find that this school helps them prepare for life after college.


Someone who likes to be in a close knit community and does not mind getting close to professors and administrators.


You definitely have to be academically focussed. I know a lot of my friends freshman year are no longer here because of their grades and drinking. It is a dry campus and you would have a time getting alcohol in your dorm although there are people who do it. If you are going into biology there is an excellent science community on campus and quite a number of labs with equiptment and professors always available.


A person who is ready to work towards a college education. They have to be dedicated and ready to put themsleves out their and be open to the liberal arts criteria.


Someone who cares about going to a small school with amazing professors and a chill atmosphere would certainly be happy here.


A person that would most fit this school should be really out going and smart. My school demands high academics so therefore it is very important for a person to try their best in his or her schooling.


An open minded, energetic, flexible person would do well at Christopher Newport University. The campus is constantly changing, the student body is very diverse, and the overall experience is very unique, so all of these traits would serve them well.


One who likes smaller class sizes, wants to live near water, wants to interact with his or her professor, and does not mind that there isn't a lot of partying and drinking.


Students that have a vision or drive to either find out who they are or who are ready to presue their dreams. Christopher Newport is a community dedicated to one another so students here should also know how to be leaders and team-players. Students who want to go here should also be dedicated to giving back. Christopher Newport places a huge emphasis on community service and out reach. Everyone here is expected to use their talents to better the world and to give back.


The person who attends Chrsitopher Newport University should be driven and work hard to reach thier potential. They should do better in small enviroments and like a campus with a lot of oppertunities.v


Someone who likes a small, well-knit community with good access to professors. It is a good place if you don't need an extensive education or a bizzare major. People are friendly and generally accepting.


A person that wants a good education and is willing to work for it. They should love modern things because most of our buildings are brand new, and they shoud be willing to form news groups or clubs based on thier interests.


Someone who likes smaller classes and doesn't want a 20 minute trek across campus to get to class. If you liek the beach and to shop, Newport News has a lot of that! A very large variety of people go here and are accepted for who they are/how they act. Of you want to go to college to drink and party and plan to live on-campus, you might want to look somewhere else because it is a strictly "dry" campus and about 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students who drink on campus get caught and in trouble!


Those who want to know their professors and have a small school enviroment


An individual who wants a mildly enthusiastic social life, with a primary focus on a career oriented lifestyle. A school whose main objective is too establish its dominance over all other smaller virginia public universities. Who currently will put all other aspects of college life aside except for academic excellence and financial profit to achieve this objective. Right now it is a school in progress, but ten years from now who knows. So truthfully anyone that believes in a rich honor code, the highest of integrity and responsibility , and looking for a bright and sucessful life.


Open-minded, there's a big christian base on this campus, someone who likes the outdoors, very studious


A person who likes to ask questions and be involved. I am a music education major and all of my classes are very small in size. There are plenty of oppurtunities to ask questions and engage with a professor during the class. Personally, I am very close to all of my professors and almost everyone at this school is close to atleast one of thier's. The professors engage students in an effort to make sure you are achieving your full potential by allowing you to ask as many questions as you want.


Those that are looking for small classes with interested professors that are willing to help. The school is small but it is also beginning to make a name for itself so there is a lot of potential for growth.


I have no clue. I dont like to make judgements. It seems many people are white, conservative, upper class, and christian......but not all. if you like small classes, some pretty cool classes, and good teachers, and really nice and accepting students; go here. and if you like a small shool where you don't get lost, and uncomfortable, then go here.