Christopher Newport University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Those who do not care about school and involvement.


I truly do believe that every person is able to attend Christopher Newport University. Every single student that comes to CNU has a place that they belong; every person finds their niche at this college. However, I think that a very shy or introverted person would have the hardest time at this school. The people here as a whole are very friendly and the faculty pushes the students's boundaries of comfort on a normal basis. I believe that a very introverted person would have the most difficult time adjusting to the life of this college.


If you are looking for variety but want to be social without drinking, this is not the school. If you are Christian or a science major, then you may want to consider the fact that this is a liberal arts college and you may feel like an outcast. Mature students also should not attend here unless you want to feel out of place with your peers.


People shouldn't attend this school if they are looking for a large campus with huge lecture halls, and no student-professor interaction. If they want to just be "a piece of paper" or "one of the numbers," they definitely shouldn't attend. CNU is a small school. The professors practically force frequent office visits, student interaction, and independent research if the student is interested. I also don't think people should attend this school if they are looking for a "party school." It's a dry campus, and the police are very enforcing of that.


If you aren't willing to study and work hard at least 3 days a week, don't come. If you don't want to go to class or think you can sleep through class, don't come here either.


A free spirit. One that is environmentally friendly, social, liberal and looking for a school to be very involved and change things for the better. This school is academically based for business students. The arts are somewhat downplayed and the facilities for it are a bit outdated, however, the school is expanding greatly. Anyone planning to live on campus will get bored here.


I wouldn't recommend this school for people who like to be isolated. You won't get anything out of the school if you don't put anything into it. Theres so much to do on campus and it would be such a waste to be sitting in the dorm.


A person that doesn't enjoy being in a community, be interactive and enjoy learning. If a person isn't intrested in getting to know the campus, staff and student life then he/she shouldn't atten this school.


If don't want to see familiar faces everywhere you go then this isn't the place for you. Alos, if you enjoy huge classes then this isn't the place for you.


If you are the type of person that does not care about going to class to learn then you should not come to CNU. You have to want to succeed. Classes here are not easy and professors do not hand out grades. You also have to want to get involved. There are so many activities on campus and you really need to take part in them. Also, if you do not have a good attitude, then forget it. CNU is all about love.


People who do not plan on studying.


People who are closed minded and are unwilling to go beyond their comfort zone to meet new pepole.


People who aren't focused on the typical hollywood idea of college should attend this school. It is a dry campus and many people get into trouble when they do try to drink. Also, people interested in a more liberal style of learning and technology is heavily used should attend CNU. It is known for its artistic and musical areas of study and tend to have people here who were considered "nerdy" in high school. People who are wanting a challenge should attend this school.


I really think almost anyone could fit in at Christopher Newport University. I was a little unsure about the school when I first enrolled, but now I realize I am so lucky to have found a place that was so perfect for me. The best part about CNU is the teachers. They are so committed, kind, qualified, and they get to know each student on a personal level. Someone looking for a very large campus shouldn't attend. Also, someone looking for a successful football team, might want to look elsewhere.


There is no discrimination on any type of person that should not attend. If one wishes to attend here, they should.


A person who is obnoxious, inconsiderate, lazy, close-minded, rude, disrespectful, has an external locus of control, boastful, or dishonest should not attend this school.


This university is not for a huge partier. There are parties in this area but not outrageuos. If you don't like knowing most of the people on campus this is not the campus for you. If you don't like small classroom sizes and smaller functions all together CNU is not for you.


Someone who had no intention or is to shy to go out, either to a party or school sponsered event- otherwise you will make no friends. Obviously you are not going to meet people if you just sit in your room, and its unfortunate to miss out.


some one who i not self driven to get things accomplished.


Someone who just likes to drink or is more focused on nightlife rather than school. It is hard to go four years of drinking without getting in trouble here, and there are few parties.


Anyone who wants to drink and smoke college away. If you're unmotivated and only care about getting by, CNU is not the school for you.


Someone who is interested in getting involved, enjoys an intimate classroom setting, a community style campus, and a good time!


A slacker. CNU is up and coming and not geared toward people who want to take the easy way out.




If a person preferes a large campus and likes to have their space in a classroom then they shouldn't attend CNU.


Students looking to party!! This school is NOT a party school, and most students like that drop out after the first year. Also, people who don't like to get involved in campus activities... without being a member of one of the MANY clubs, organizations, staffs etc... there isn't a lot to do on campus.. although there is LOTS to do in nearby Norfolk if one has a car...


Students who party alot and struggle to maintain an active social and acedemic life should't attend.


someone who parties too much.


Someone who likes a really quiet atmosphere, or wants to hide in the background.