Christopher Newport University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would suggest following their instincts are exploring numerous places and oppurtunities. Although it helps to find a school strong in the students major, if the major is unknown, a small school can help lead someone in the right way. College is all about balance, and to make the most out of one's college expirience, school, a social life, and extracurricular activities must be balanced.


Look into everything the college has to offer, don't just assume, ask any question because most likely answer wont shock you. CNU is a dry campus but has a bar located across the street for people 21 and older. Parents listen to your kids they know what they want in a school and where they want to be.


Find the right school for you, based on your opinions and preferences, not other peoples.


Looking for the right college can be hard especially when students are faced with questions that they never thought about. For instance, I thought about how class size would effect my learning. The best advice that I can give is to visit all of the colleges that are looking good. In my experience, only one felt like home. Often a college looks good on paper, but turns out not to be what the student wants. It would be extremely difficult to stay focused, and productive if I didn't feel so comfortable at my school.


visit every college you want to apply to. chances are you will know which ones you want to go to as soon as you step on campus. also, check out their greek life and their social atmosphere as well as the academics.


My advice to students and parents alike would be to visit the schools you are seriously considering attending. Check out the residence halls and buildings you think you will be spending the most time in. Talk to students about the quality of campus life, dining services, and academic quality. Also, keep an eye out for police call stations around campus and the location of the police aid station in relation to the rest of campus. Students need to be and feel safe and when parents feel their kids are safe, they feel better about them attending college away from home. Once you are attending school, make sure to get involved in groups that fit your interests so you can feel connected with the people around you. Even if you don't stay involved in the same activities, you'll meet people with similar interests and continue to develop a niche within the community of your school. Above all else, make certain you are going to school for yourself. It is your education and your future. Make of it whatever YOU want.


I didn't know ANYTHING about college, really, or choosing a college when it was time for me to do so. And really, I don't know if any one can truly tell you what to do, You just have to go with the flow and try to do what you can. I looked up places online, visited a few campses, and asked around (probably not as much as I should have). First, don't let ANYONE else tell you where to do, b/c they aren't the ones who will be there every day all day for 2/4 years. Then, visit many places, and when you do, ask many questions (ESPECIALLY to the students, they are the ones who will give you true anwsers). Try for financial aid and scholoraships if you think the school is 'out of your reach', the money is there to be given. And if you get there and think its 'happenin' for you; two things: 1. give it time, you could have the same probelms, or just as many, anywhere else. and 2. you can always transfer. just do you. it's a lot harder than high school, but SO worth it.


College is the biggest learning experience any of us will have in our lives; and this education is not merely academically based but also learning who we are and adopting views and practices we will use throughout our lifetime. It is, therefore, imperative that we choose an invironment that we not only feel comfortable in, but one that will challenge us, nourish us and open our minds to new ideas. Considering that college is the place that you are going to spend the next 4 years of you rlife at, it only makes sense that you would want to visit schools before you make your final decision; even try to arrange an overnight visit, or sitting in on a college class if possible. If you get the oportunity, talk to some professors, talk to some students and takl about their experiences at the school. See if what they have to say intrests, and if you would like to be a contributing member of that community.


Remember that the number one priority for being in college is actually making it to the end and getting that diploma.


Slow down and relax. There was a lot of pressure when I was in high school to take the SATs and ACTs and to get into a really great school. In high school you had to accel both in and outside of the classroom, in the community and socially in order to get into school, or so it seemed. I took the tests and had the extra-curriculars but i was relatively apathetic about the school that I attended. I knew that I wanted a small school and I applied to a few places and picked CNU because of its proximity to my home and because it looked pretty and new. Though i've enjoyed and am proud of my accomplishments at CNU what I've learned the most here is that you reap what you sow. You can achieve wherever you attend school if you actually care about achievement and you work towards it.


Chose a school that has an environment suited to the students lifestyle.


Don't try and be someone your not. This is supposed to be the best years of your life and you should be able to spend them at a university that fits you. Make sure its somewhere that YOU can thrive. It doesn't matter if everyone way back to your great grand daddy went to a certain school, if its not right for you then forget tradition (it's better to start your own anyway). And when you do get into that dream school of yours, don't stand around making all these great plans go out and get them! This is your life you should experience everything while you can. You don't stay young forever so go out and see your team play, go watch the school play, go to the greek parties you hear about... just go out and experience it all. As John Lennon so famously put it: "Life is what happens when your busy making plans for it."


Make sure you remember the reason you're attending college. Too commonly students select a college based on athletic biases or previous friendship/relationship pressures. Figure out what you are looking for socially (size, wet/dry, Greek, location) and academically (classroom size, available majors, percentage of PhD professors). Everyone makes new friends when they go to college; so don't be worried about separating from old friends. When sorting through different options, keep it all organized in a filing cabinet. When you have your selection narrowed down, create an excel spreadsheet of everything you are looking for in a school, then put checks next to the schools that have your desired traits. It will help weigh the pros and cons. When you go to college bring a new address book and title it 'COLLEGE NETWORKING'. Every adult you meet during your college career will go in this book. Write a descriptive note next to the people you might forget. Email them every now and then to keep in touch. Your social life is important, but the top priority is getting an education and figuring out your career path. Work hard, play hard.... college is the best time to do both!