Christopher Newport University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is actually a toss up between the crowding in the dining hall and the small number of clubs (compared to a larger school). However, for a small school, they seem to do the best they can.


The thing that frustrates me the most is the lack of diversity in teachers for freshman Physics. The physics department is lacking in teachers, and without a doubt needs a few more.


The workload. I'm a computer engineer, and I'm practicing one of the most difficult majors in the school. I'm also a member of the school's President's Leadership Program (PLP), which requires community service of its members, an additional minor with its own capstone course, and mandatory attendance of guest lectures from all around the country. This sounds great, but on top of an already rigorous courseload, I've found it hard to keep my head above water. Luckily, professors at the school are always open to help. It's amazing what they do for us.


Class registration can be very frustrating because the computer system runs very slowly with everyone loggin on at once. Often times you're forced to take classes that you might not necessarily want to take, but that will be beneficial to your learning experience.


The alcohol policy. While being a freshman and sophomore on campus, the RA's abuse their authority and so does the campus police. They make it very difficult to safely practice a social life involving alcohol due to the numerous rules and regulations. If there was more leniency, students would be allowed to have more fun and be more comfortable with engaging socially. The subject of alcohol becomes taboo and disuades people from engaging and experimenting with their entrance into adulthood. Also, the alcohol policy prevents a formal embrace of a sober ride program.


The most frusterating thing about school is the construction that is going on because the fences that surround it creates detours that make it more difficult to class. Another frusterating fact is how expensive books for classes are. I work and still have trouble affording all my books and then the extra booklets and handouts for the different labs. Being a Biology major takes a lot more money.


I would definitely have to say learning to live with others who, in all actuality, have nothing in common with you. You learn to share and be more caring for your personal items. I have found that sharing a bathroom with four other girls is not functionable, and silence is a thing of the past. Leaving for college has enabled me to appreciate my home and understand the importance of family.


Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Christopher Newport is that everything is very image oriented. From the large-scale renovations and construction to the occasionally condescending feeling (never outright, image remember) there is certainly a focus on how the school looks and interacts with the world, and trying to work that image so that the school is of the prestigious and elitist sort. But that is not so surprising given that the president is a politician. And on the up side it means a superior education overall.


I love my school, but it seems like we always have construction going on! They just built a beautiful new building for us to have classes in and it's amazing what they pulled off, but even before it was compleated, they started other construction projects on campus. I'm sure it will be well worth it once all the construction is compleated, but it's just a hassle and an eyesore for the moment.


The most frustrating thing about my university is how strict it is. My school is strict on signing guests in and out of the residence halls and patrol the halls to keep things in control but also it seems like they are just looking to get students in trouble. I wish my school woud lighten up a bit and realize that college students can be a little crazy.


Something that frustrated me about my school was something that wasn' discovered until I spent some time there. I'm from New York and live a different life-style than the people in the south. I?m the kind of person that is always "on the go" and ready for something new. Being in Virginia was a completely different way of living. For the most part, people there are much more laid back and do things very leisurely. That being something that is hard to get used to when you?re used to the fast paced life of New York.


There is an immense amount of construction, which is good for the future I suppose, but right now it's difficult to find your way around and sometimes it gets pretty noisy. There is even a facebook group called CNU (Construction Nuissance University). The new buildings look really nice though so I think it will be worth it in the end.


The most frustraing thing about this school is the parking. Now, first semester freshmen are allowed to bring their cars and purchase decals but it can be a little frustrating to find that last open spot.


The most frustrating thing about my schoool is that there is nothing to do on the weekend. This school can be best described on the weekends as a suitcase college. I also wish that there was more greek life events instead of just pledging.


Sometimes being a small school means less classes offered, so there isn't as much of a selection. Also, the area around the school is low-income.


because class sizes are so small and the school is small there is not much of a variety of ellective classes and it is difficult to get into all the classes you want.


Housing and campus stuctures are advertised highly at CNU. Housing, however, is not as available as it should be and structures such as the library are fancy and elegant, but do not serve as much of a necessary function as they could.


I think that there is a lot of support and help for current students, which is fantastic. However, I think that there is sometimes too much emphasis on incoming and prospective students. There are far more scholarship opportunities for potential and incoming freshmen than current students. Both are valuable and I think there ought to be more of a balance between the two.


Parking!!! Finding a parking spot is horrible! Also, we have a bar on campus, but we are a ?dry? campus so students can not drink.


The class sizes are large to accomidate all the the students who need the classes


traffic around rush hour haha


Very white and conservative roots.