Christopher Newport University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I came to this school, I wish I would have known all of the hard work that it takes to be a successful college student.


I wish I had known that it was quite some distance from the beach. Also, that the majority of students are from the Northern Virginia and Richmond areas. I transfered to CNU, I wish I had known the social life is limited if you don't come as a freshman because everyone forms their cliches. The campus is very Greek Life oriented and I am not one for sorority life. CNU is also pretty conservative in political views and many people come from upper class areas. This school is also a commuter school.


That they would stop me from double majoring after they had promise me that I could


I wish i had know about the intensity of the academics. I didn't realize how good this school really is.


I wish someone would have warned me about the responsiblities that college entails. I have found that you have to make decisions on your own and manage your time well because it is quite easy to fall behind. The work can be very tedious as well as time consumer, but you have no choice. College is not like high school. You cannot just slack off because you are paying for your education and you will be the one that loses in the end.


I was pretty well prepared for school by the time it came around but there were a few things that I wish I had anticipated beforehand. Fist of all, sharing a bathroom with all girls, you go through a lot more toilet paper than you think you will! The washing machines are small so don't save up all your clothes for two weeks and expect them to all fit in one load. And grading and homework load depends compleatly on your professor, not on the course. And it takes a while to get used to school food every day.


I wish I had known the amount of construction that was going to take place over the next four years and how it was going to affect tuition. If I had known tuition was going to increase every year, I might have looked into other options.


Do your research, I cannot stress how important it is to learn about what college is best for you. And, make sure you have some idea of what you may want to do when you are older. Don't get trapped into who you were in high school, strive to be your own person in college.


That often the professors, staff, administration, etc. are playing it by ear just like the students. That there are more shades of grey than black and white lines; the rules are often flexible and you can get what you want if you take it to the right person and don't take no for an answer. That at a small school you can't wait for change or be a spectator. That ultimately you reap what you sow with your education.


how hard it is to get campus housing


I wish I had realized before first semester that I really wanted to continue with track. I would have had something to keep me focused on the important things like it did in highschool. And I wish that I would have found an off-campus job, that i could've kept for all four years instead of fighting to find an on-campus one.


How the computers worked in the dorms. My laptop was set up for wireless, which most of the campus is - however the dorms are not at this school. They have ethernet connections at the dorms, which I found out when I got there. Not a problem - just wasn't prepared right away.


Lack of cultural diversity and awareness.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known more about AP courses and dual enrollment courses. They really help at knocking out extra classes you may have to take in college and in high school they are free!


The more involved you get the more firneds you will make. I guess it is like that at most universities though.


I wish that I had known how expensive it was to live on campus.


What I wanted to major in.


Get involved from the beginning


I wish I had known it rarely snows here. I miss the snow and cold. I wish I had known I would need rain boots=) and it always rains whenever people come to visit the campus. It would have been nice to know that the Chem professors are not nearly as awesome as the Bio ones, and that they serve the good food when people visit. I wish I had known I was going vegetarian so I could have avoided a meal plan in the beginning... or known that the food here is very unhealthy, despite the good salad bar.


How hard it is to graduate- we are a liberal learning university and you required to fulfill so many requirements and its really hard to meet all of them. and graduate on time.


How different college was from high school.


That the professor you get can really make the difference between getting a C and an A


The town where it is located in


That the liberal learning program was stressed so greatly


I wish I knew had much water accumulated on this campus. Being located in the tidewater region of Virginia, whenever there is rain, there are massive puddles all across campus. I wish I had known that so that I could have bought rain boots before I ruined a pair of shoes.


I wish I had known to bring a bike.


They always talk about our small class size and how thats such a great thing but the thing is because they are small it is hard to get into the classes you need to take. I could have graduated a year earlier if I had been able to get into the classes I needed to take. Also, we spend alot of money building new libraries and student uniors while I personally believe that those projects should have been delayed until we were able to build some new buildings to house a) more classrooms and b) more student housing.