Christopher Newport University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There are approximately 25 students a class. I like small classes this allows the professors to know you as an individual and not just another student. There are many options at CNU that I like, whether it is in research, internships, campus jobs or simply asking a professor for extra help, there are many opportunities available at CNU. I really like the atmosphere everyone treat you so friendly. The students are really friendly as well as the staff.


The openness and helpfulness of most of the professors. They are willing to work with the students as much as it takes to get them to understand the course material, which a lot of the time can be quite difficult. While a course can be overbearing, having a helpful professor can make the course better for the student.


The best thing about my school is all of the opportunities to get involved with the students and organizations of the campus. Christopher Newport University has a lot of activities, clubs, sororities, fundraisers, and internships to get involved in. There is an activity or club for every student that attends CNU. The variety of clubs and activites range from video games and religious groups to Disney Club and Equestrian Team. Some clubs partner with organizations or the Student Activities Board whereas others are simply a group of students who designed a club for their passions.


I think the best thing about this school is the feeling of belonging a student gets after only being on campus for a semester. Already I know so many great people, and to my professors I am someone important. Due to the size of CNU I know my professors names and they know mine, I even say hello to previous semester's professors and they remember who i am. Had I gone to any school that was larger I doubt I would have these connections and feeling of belonging.


The best thing about CNU is that the campus is so welcoming. As soon as I stepped foot on campus, I felt like I belonged. Every student and faculty member is friendly and willing to help out someone in need.


I love how everyone is so friendly and the teachers genuinely care about your education. The school. also pays special attention to freshmen and even goes as far as to set up crews where students live near other student who share their intended major.


Relevant change. CNU has been recognized as an up and coming University. It is beyond that. CNU is up and coming in its caliber of student, its community engagement, its investment in the community, its aesthetically beautiful campus, its Presidential Leadership Program, and as such, its phenomenal impact. CNU is known by its students, its community, and those watching it as a constantly changing campus. The key is that the change happening at CNU is RELEVANT change. The level of scholarship, the buildings, the standards of honor, citizenship and leadership. Utter relevance for our society and our nation. Relevant change.


The best thing about Christopher Newport University would have to be their liberal learning curriculum basically forcing students to take courses in almost every category offered at the University, making them a little more well rounded.


The school is growing and the facilities are nice. The school is rated well academically and is growing but is not too big.


My favorite part of Christopher Newport was the academics. The classes as well as the professors were remarkable and very resourceful. Professors were always willing to lend a hand with any problems whether it be school related or not. Also, the campus was just stunning. Every day that I walked through the center courtyard I fell in love with the school all over again.


Its a small school so the classes are really inimate and there is a close teacher/student relationship which definitely helps when it comes to finals, studying, general questions, and help in any way they can.


N/A, the majority of the teachers are terrible at teaching and treat the students like high school kids, the students are immature, the housing is awful and extremely over priced, the school is pretty on the outside but has an ugly interior (metaphorically speaking refering to the people that go there and the way things are run). Kids are obsessed with alcohol. Classrooms have very little room in them. Most classes offered are worthless in terms of degrees. Don't go here, it will lure you in like a venus fly trap seduces a fly.


The professors are amazing. They are very hands on in the class room and are completly dedicated to their students. Going to class is actually enjoyable and people here learn more then they ever expected too. Everyone is just compeltly dedicated to finding out what you need as an indiviudal and helping you reach your dreams. You are not a number here you are person.


The best thing about Christopher Newport University is the sense of community throughout the students, faculty, and staff. Classes are small and everyone is always willing to offer a helping hand. Fellow students will often go out of their way to hold a door open, share an unbrella, or even offer to walk you home in the dark. It really is our own little community, you see familiar faces everywhere you turn but you also meet new people on a daily basis.


Our school is a liberal arts school that places emphasis on many areas of education. The students learn to tie concepts together and to view the world critically and openly.


The campus is very small and pretty. A lot of money is spent to construct beautiful buildings.


It's sooooo pretty, friendly, good size, there's alot of school spirit etc etc...I LOVE IT!


Small School


The facilities, and overall feel of the campus is amazing!!! It's just beautiful, and keeps getting better. It's the closest thing I think you can get to a stress free environment.


The on campus housing.