Cincinnati Christian University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You are a senior now and are focused on the end, but the problem is this is not the end it is the start of something new. Working hard has helped you this last year but you reallly should have applied yourself all along. Making the decision to go to Bible college was not an easy choice but it is what is best for you. Work hard so that you can get scholarships to help you through school so that you do not have to work full time just to scrape up the tuition. Full time work and school do not go well together and one of these suffer in the end. You are smart and can go places if you really put your mind to it. You know what you need to do, you just have to believe in yourself and not let others tell you otherwise. Do not let past mistakes keep you from giving it your all and always remember when you feel the most alone and are struggling there is always a loving God standing by your side to help you through.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would first tell myself to pray about the decision. I made the mistake my first year to go to a community college because I was unsure of what I wanted to do. It is crucial to allow God to guide the way. Being a man of faith, I have recently learned never to question God. That would be the second piece of advice I would give myself. The third piece of advice I would tell myself would be to "get into college with my feet rolling." In other words, start of with a bang, and never look back. Being on top of the assigned homework is a vital piece of a proper and well earned college education. Lastly, I would tell myself to be prepared mentally for the actions of other students. Being at a small university, I am trying to deal with the "rumor mill" that is at my school. Kids say and do stupid things, and I cannot let that affect my performance in the classroom or affect my relationship with my friends.


1. Stay focused 2. Complete all work on time 3. Use all available resources 4. Get to know your professors 5. Don't be afraid to ask for help 6. Be active in the community 7. Get to know the people you surround yourself with 8. Build relationships that will last a lifetime 9. Never cheat yourself of an education 10. Be goal oriented 11. Be a positive role model 12. Study, Study, Study 13. Make changes and be the impact !!!


1. Go on more then one college visit to more then one college. 2. Pick the school based on your degree. Don't go there because your friends are. You will make new friends were ever you go. 3. Avoid going to parties if you can. They may look well in good but they usually cause drama and don't let you have a great ability to get your work done. You aren't there to party you are there to learn. 4. When writing papers give the answers that the professor wants then your opinion. They want to make sure you get the material. 5. Go to class, you paid for it after all. Plus you might actually learn something you did not know before. 6. Get organized organized. Have a planner and a calendar(desk top one) to make sure you have all the dates set in front of you so you know when things are due. The planner is to take to class with you when the teacher changes a date, and they will. 7. Buy the textbooks after the first day of class, professors will change there mind. Check Amazon and get used books! Cheaper better!


Be sure you know the size of the school, whether you like a big or small school. Make sure you know the extra curriculars that are attended and if what you want to do is offered or not. Also be sure that you or your child will fit in with the people that are there. And finally and most importantly, be sure that the college offers exactly what you want when it comes to your education, because that is what you are ultimately there for.


Be patient, and find the college that suits you best. Don't go somewhere just because of money issues keep you from going somewhere else. I have found that things get taken care of if is ment to be.


Make sure to follow up with student services and pre-recquists for classes


Firstly, start applying for scholarships very early and very often. It's surprising how many people do not qualify for financial aid who definitely need it. Parents, stress the importance of a willingness to learn and an education not wasted. Be positive no matter how confused your kid is about what they want to do with their life, but if you have to show them tough love, it's better than watching their college experience pass them by without taking them anywhere. Prospective college students, there is so much out there and so much to explore. Don't let the amount of career paths you could possibly take overwhelm you and deter you from taking your first steps toward adulthood and independence. No one said you have to do only one thing, but do something, you'll feel more productive (because you will be). You know your strengths, skills, and talents, so use them to leave a positive impact on the world before your time is done.


College is not for everyone. Nor is every college for everyone. Some people need to lose themselves in large masses. Others need intimate campuses, to know and be known by those around them. They say that college is a time for finding yourself. But where you go will determine a lot of what you find. Begin finding yourself now, and learn what and who you need to be around to maximize your potential. At college, there will be lots of voices asking for your attention. Determine what and who is important to you, and then be willing to say no to the things that try to come between you. Good grades are useful; they are not, however, everything. Only two things in life last, and one of them is people. Yes, work hard; yes, do excellent work. But remember that it is upon the people in your life that you leave your deepest mark. How you choose to impact those around you echoes throughout eternity. It is not a matter of which college is right for you, but rather who you choose to be. Discover for yourself the things of lasting importance.


College is for most people, about finding out who the individual is. Its where students have the most freedom. Its where many students choose to rebel against their personal home lives. Its also where life in the real world begins. If you're looking to party and drink your way through college, thats probably what you'll end up doing for the rest of your life. If you want to get out in the world and find your place, make a living, find a school that will support your ambitions. FInd a school that will coincide and not hinder your beliefs. Write down and discuss with your family and advisors about what is most important to you, then look for the school that closely resembles your requirements. Remember, college is a lot of money. It is a privilege. Don't waste your time on a college that isn't up to your standards.


My advice to decide what is the one thing that you value the most, my was is religion, then pick the school that you will be the happiest at.