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During my enrollment process I discovered that there seems to be a unique and good aspect regarding the student body. It seems to be very diverse in age groups, economic status and ethnicity. This is helpful to me as a 44 year old mother just begining her college career.


It's small, and all the credits you get from Cincinnati State will transfer to 4 year colleges, which is nice.


Cincinnati State has some of the most challenging and engaging technical programs in the state, and also has one of the highest post-graduation job placement rates in the state. The technology available to the students is both abundant and advanced, unlike other community colleges I have visited. I feel as though my fellow students truly take pride in the accomplishments they make academically and are able to make connections with the faculty. As a first year Surgical Technology major, the dedicated faculty of the ST program have been incredibly invaulable, providing the knowledge and respect essential to my success.


Just the small classes

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