Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Cincinnati State Technical and Community College?


I believe that a person who is not ready for a big universityshould attend this school. A big university may overwhelm some student and they are not ready to go away from home. This is a good school for people who want to go to school and don't want the big college feel and want to stay at home. It is also great for people who are older and want to go back to school and finish a program they started or want to change careers and start a new program. This school is great .


A person that does not have enough money to pay his/her way though school and still get a good education and is still able to transfer to a 4 year college and finish without having a lot of student loans


Anyone who is serious about furthering their education and willing to dedicate the time and hard work that it takes to do so should attend this school. Although college tuition is indeed costly, Cincinnati State is a great alternative for those who are taking general college courses for less, rather than attending Universities who offer the same courses at University prices.


I believe people that have finacial problems, trying to save money, and like to attend a school where there is only 20 syudents per class should attend my school because for each credit course it only costs 68 dollars to attend. The school tution is very cheap, and also you can get you associate degree so much cheaper than attending a university school. People that want to save money and want to achieve their goal with a little extra money in their pocket should attend Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.


The type of person that should attend Cincinnati State would be someone of middle class or lower middle class whom is looking to get a good education for a very affordable price.