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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


There are several things I would tell myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior. Since I am not a traditional student, I have often pondered this very question. One of the most significant things I would say is to do what makes you happy. You are the creator of your own destiny, and if you need to ruffle some feathers along the way to get this point across, do so. I would also say life is not easy, but you definitely get out of it what you put in. The only way you're going to succeed in life is to work hard, but most importantly, push yourself even harder through difficult times. Planning and creating goals are going to be the secrets to your success. Also, I would stress to myself the good times wouldn't be meaningful without the bad times, and please try not to sweat the small stuff. Time really does fly, so enjoy every moment you can and be grateful. Lastly, I would say those parties you're planning on going to were not that great, so just crack the books open and study young lady!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give to myself would be to pay the price of discipline and diligence now to be able to play later in life. I would try to cast a vision for myself of how different life can look when you have a vision that you are going after vs. aimlessly wandering through life. I would also speak of the reward of working hard at something that isnt always pleasent, and the satifaction and fulfillment when you reach the other side of that task. I would explain that having a degree doesn't guarentee that you will always have a job, and one that you love, but it instills in you so many other attributes and tools for life that go beyond attaining a job.


The Advice that I would Give Myself as a Former High School Student is to Begin to Decide upon My Career Goals. I would have told My Fomer High School Student Self to; Discover what Career Path that I want to Pursue. I would have told Myself that I should already know what My Career Path is Prior to Starting College. Also, I would have told My Former High School Student Self to Develop Good Student Habits, while in High School, in order to Prepare Myself for Academic Success upon Starting College. In addition, I would have told My Former High School Student Self, to Learn to Balance School Academics & Social Life now Prior to Starting College. For instance: Extra-Curriculum Activities & Sports, should not be outweighed over your School Academics. In conclusion, I would have told, My Former High School Student Self, to keep an Open Mind. Be willing to Meet New People from Different Cultural Backgrounds & Experiences. Be willing to be a Team Player amongst your Classmates. Peer-to-Peer Study Groups are Very Helpful in College & will even Prepare you for College Group Activities.


I would tell me that college is an amazing experience, do my work I need to get done to graduate and try my best so I can get the best grades possible. I would also tell myself to get off my butt and get to work, stop slacking off, college isn't as bad as you think, it's a great experience to have. Also, to really think about what I want to go to college for, don't jump the gun.


If I could talk to myself back in high school and tell myself something, there is one HUGE thing I'd warn myself about. I thought it would be a great idea to take a year off and save money. I have learned that it was not a good idea at all and that it was much better to jump right into the college life. I would also warn myself about my spending habits and that I would need to change them so I could have enough money saved up. And the last thing I'd tell myself is to apply for scholarships back than and not wait until now to just start. It would probably save myself a lot of time and stress later on.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college life is not just for the people who have it all figured out and that Cincinnati State offers plenty of degree and certificate programs for everyone who is interested in just getting started and that I certainly wouldn't have to make my mind up right then and there about what I want to be when I grow up, just to get started, and explore the options that the school offers.


I would advise to understand research techniques, have good writing skills and know how to take notes what information to write down in a lecture.. Make sure to take college prepardness classes adapt to the new learning skills. It would be advantageous to enroll in as many college level classes as possible while enrolled in high school. Summer school is a plus from the end of ninth grade. General Education in high school classes in summer are accelarated and easier. It also frees up time to complete College prequisite classes. It is very important to visit colleges and have an idea of the profession you are going to experience. Review as many catalogs from colleges of interest to make sure credits are transferrable to other Universities. Schedule visit to speak with a counselor ask any other questions. Gather and complete Financial aid as soon as possible. Research scholarships available. Purchase note cards, laptop, paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Secure housing and transportation issues.


I would tell myself get ready for the best time of your life. You will meet great professor like Dr. Dungey who will make you think about life in a whole different way, and make you want to learn more. You will have professor who will make a lasting impression on you. There will be those professors that you will pray to God you don't see again. People will try your patience and treat you unfair, but don't worry about it you will get over it and be a better person for it. You will also meet 4 of your best friends that you will have for life. You will find love and you will lose love it. The most important thing I would tell myself is don't take out student loans. Apply for all the scholarship you can because you will be paying for student loans until you are 100.


I personally felt it was important to have a year off of school directly following high school. Unfortunately, that one year turned into many years. I got comfortable in a work environment, and began to rely on the money that came along with working. Being unable to attend college full-time, and work the job I had full-time, I allowed working to become my main concern. Knowing then what I infact know now, I would have returned to further my education immediately after high school. That would be the only advice I could give my past self. The importantance of furthering you education is more important than any job you could receive directly out of high school. It is one of my main regrets in life, and I wish I would have know the importance then.


I think people if given the opportunity would love to go back in time and set many paths previously chosen to a different course. I made the decision to go into the Army after graduating high school. I wasn't sure what career to seek out but did feel the need to defend our Country. Going back in time I would advise myself to make better choices when joining the army such as guaranteed paid college education when my time was finished. One minute I was in the middle of Desert Storm as a Bradley mechanic and the next I was being honorably discharged for an injury. After two years I had no viable skills and no bridge towards education. Upon returning home I hid from the experience by buckling down and working at mediocre jobs. If I could go back and make different choices I would tell myself to forget the past, focus on the present, sign up for school, and have faith that a career path will show itself. Even though I would have made different decisions, the ones I did make created the man I am today, and with that I am content.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would have told myself to focus on school first, while its a main priority and if it's possible go away to college to get the full experience. When I was graduating high school I didn't want to move away from home so therefore I don't feel that I received the full college experience and I let other things in my life take priority over my classes such as boys, now that I'm married and I really want my degree I have to balance work, school and married life, which isn't an easy task. I would also tell myself to attend class, it may feel that it's a waste of time however in the end if you aren't in class there's so much you miss and then you are constantly trying to catch up to where you should be. Lastly, I would say "enjoy it!" Every moment in college is a new experience with new things to learn and life changing experiences that nothing will ever take the place of. Be filled with memories!


When I was a senior I felt like I had dedicated my life to my education for the last 13 years, and I was determined to take the next year to myself. In that year, I managed to completely destroy everything I had worked for in those 13 years. I graduated with 3 full ride scholarships and the world at my feet. After only one year of being on my own I managed to develop a cocaine addiction, have a child out of wedlock, completely isolate myself from all my friends and family and completely destroy my credit. My advice to myself as a high school senior would be to stay on track, stay in school, and make my life as successful as possible so that when I was ready to have children, I would be able to provide him or her with the life and the mother that he deserves. I am and will be working very hard and for a very long time to repair the damages I've done and in retrospect, none of it was worth it.


If I could go back into time to when I was a senior, I would of told my younger self to work hard and turn in work on time, work ahead of the class, manage my time better with my free time, focus, save my money and study. One thing I did in college that I could tell myself was to sit in the front of the class. The reason for this is because paying money for a college education is not cheap and it is not one dime I would want to go to waste , so sitting in the front of the class is to learn all I can. Every penny is valuable in college and any money to help would be great. Never give up!


The message I would truthfully convey to my younger self would be to not take my education for granted. As a high school senior in 2002, I was given the opportunity to attend a local community college with a full-ride scholarship based on my academic performance. At the time, I took this gift for granted; I had not yet declared a major, which was not unusual for many undergraduate students, but I also did not have a plan for my success. During my second year at this particular school, I still had not met with an adviser and had made a plan for myself or my future. I flunked a course and dropped the rest, and as a result I lost my scholarship. Until last year, I had not found the strength to return to school and rediscover my passion for education and acheiving my goals. It was a long road to get back to square one, having to re-take classes at the college level that I had excelled in during my high school career, but it has been the best decision of my life. Now, I would tell myself to stay focused and not lose my ambition!


If I could go back and have a conversation with myself as a high school senior I would first emphasize how much easier it is to go to college straight from high school. There is much more help and advice available while in high school than after graduation. I would recommend going to school outside of my hometown to eliminate some of the distractions of friends who decided not to attend college. It would offer a new area and a chance to better discover myself surrounded by a new group of people. I would also make it a point to explain why it is okay to take out loans to help cover the costs of doing this. Furthing my education is the best investment I could make and the increased income upon graduation would make it easy enough to pay off in the end. But most importantly, I would tell myself to do it for one reason, myself. Self-motivation is much more important than going to school because an outside person is pushing for it.


I would tell myself to take college more serious. Don't take it lightly and make it a priority because it is harder when you are older and have a family. I wish I would have stayed in school and I could have had my degree and be working in a great job right now. Instead of trying to raise two kids and going to college. Definity go right to college right out of high school without taking a break that will just make you not want to go. Really be determined to make something of your life. Don't give up you can do it.


If I was given the chance to go back and speak to myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself to not worry about what I want to be so much as what I enjoy. Looking back I am on my 4th major and working on two different ones. It's never about what you think will be the easiest degree which was what I was going for. It's about what you enjoy learning about. I would also tell my self to not rush adulthood. Stay at home and go to school full time so that when I finally hit sophomore level I am not turning 23. College is alot different in many aspects but the biggest one I saw was the difference in how much the teachers put on you to succeed. In highschool the only reason I passed was because the pressed me. In college they only press so far. I would defenitlaly tell myself to put more effort into paying attention in class then of making friends. Also not to be nervous because your not alone when you get there. Everyone is going through the same things and to have fun.


The advice that I would give myself is to have more confidence when I start college. I would tell myself don?t let anything pull me down. I would not allow myself to let things get in the way of what I want or what I want to do with my future. I would tell myself to go to class. Regardless of how tired I am or how I just didn?t want to go?I would tell myself just to go. I would be also tell myself to be more careful about spending money. It is hitting me hard financially so I would have wished that I could have controlled my spending and started saving more. I would also tell myself not to procrastinate as much as I did and still do. Another piece of advice I would give myself above all is to follow my dreams. I say that because I realize now that if I want something bad enough it will happen. Just keep my head up high and believe in myself.


If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self I would stress the importance of school, education, and the various opportunities high school can offer. Although senior year is supposed to be a fun and memorable year I would encourage myself to remain focused on the long term goals I have created for myself. I would encourage myself to begin to work on organization and time management, as well as prioritizing various aspects of my life. I would stress how different college life is from high school life. In high school teachers know you because they have watched you for the past 4 years. College is extremely different, and instead of encouraging you to improve and holding your hand, professors use the tactic of failure. I would tell myself that if I want to achieve my goals in life and become successful then I have to remain focused and complete all assignments on time and to the best of my abilities. I would encourage myself to devise well thought out plans constantly and drive myself to work on achieving them. I would remind myself that hard work does pay off and is very rewarding.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as an high school senior about knowning what I know now about college life, the advice I will give myself is to pay attention to the information my parents and teachers are telling to me. Some of the things that my parents and teachers try to inform me about went through one ear out the other. My teachers and parents always told me to start looking for colleges in the beginnging of my senior year so I can get accepted to the colleges I really wanted to attend. Of course, me being me, I didn't listen. When I recieved my high school diploma the principle was announcing all of the colleges students were accepted to and when they reach to my name I didn't have any acepptance to any college. Of course it made me feel down but I kept my head high. So in the summer time I went to colleges and explore the campuses. I was accepted to three colleges and decided to attend Cincinnati Technical College. Now here I am achieving my dream goal to become a criminal psychologist.


I would tell myself to saty focus, everything that was important to me then means nothing in the future.


Focus on what you wanna do the most and stride for it. Do your research on colleges and opportunities. Apply what you know to better help others and walk together and help each other.


I will tell myself not to focus on mathematics, sciences, and debate alone; she should participate in school sports.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior at Oak Hills high school I would tell myself not to worry about what people think and dealing with the immature gossip that goes on in high school and to just focus on my school work. I would tell myself to take the more challenging classes my senior year like Pre-Calc, Presentational Speaking, AP English, etc. because it will benefit me in college. I would also tell myself to not be so nervous about starting college, that the people at Cincinnati State are all very nice and as long as I stay focused on my goal and want it enough I will do great in my college courses. I would tell myself to never ever forget my dream and always do better than my best.


Enter the school early so as to decrease the wait later on. Meet with your advisor frequently, even if you do have to drive an extra couple of hours to do it. Ask whether you have everything done that is needful, whether you're still on track. Smile and be cheerful and encourage your fellow students, and the professors, too. Talk to them about little things and care about them; you're never in that much of a hurry, never too stressed, to remember to inquire about their broken down car or their sick grandmother. Be emotionally generous.


My advice to myself would have been for me to go to college. I went to a automotive school after high school and figured out it wasn't the best choice for me. If I could make a different decision it would have been to go to my current college sooner. Either way the skills I learned from my prior trade are valuable and useful in daily life. To anyone graduating high school my advice is find something you enjoy and stick with it. Education really pays off in the long run.