Citrus College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are simply determined and hard-working.


This semester all of my classmates are pretty interactive with one another, I really enjoy discussing topics with my peers.


For the most part it is a small community college. I have enjoyed my classmates. They are very friendly and when put in group assignments, everyone always has a good time and you get to know your classmates well.


My fellow classmates are my friends because we learn from each other. My classmates are also organized before class starts showing me that the students at citrus college are serious about their education to achieve their long term goals. Students at the college are nice and helpful as due to the first time I attended citrus as a freshman.


My classmates are usually my teammates who support me and push me to be my absolute best, and I love them for that.


My classmates are boring and do not really care about respecting the professor or school rules.