Citrus College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only thing that comes to mind when being asked about the worst thing about Citrus is the amount of people. Everyone wants to get into a class but not everyone can fit. It's just disoppointing when you wait so long to get a class but in the end the teacher can squeeze you in.


The limiting infrastructure of the public education system and the lack of human resource and support of the faculty. The fact that kind sincere faculty are forced to unemployment when their smile and affection towards the students motivates the students to work harder to help support the senior community in the future. The rules and regulations of the school act as a boulder upon the creativity of the students and lack of information for registration, selecting classes, and discovering their future career all add up to a school of confused students.


The worst thing about Citrus College is the environment for learning due to the majority of students. Whole a solid handful of students are using the college as a way to save money and transfer, a lot of students just take enough classes so that their insurance will continue to cover them by saying they are a full time student. The atmosphere of just getting by can be discouraging when you are working hard to get good grades to transfer. Also, the college experiance is not fully lived by living at home.


The parking lots and all the construction at this time.


It's easy to get stuck taking classes, semester after semester, at a community college if you don't have a solid goal.