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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give advice to my high school senior self, I would say to raise my GPA, stay focused in school, and take advantage of AP classes. If I had known better back when I was a high school senior, I would have known how significant a GPA actually is when it comes to academia. I would tell my former high school senior self that staying focused in school would ultimately reap great rewards. I would also say to take AP classes in order to receive college credit as early as possible. Lastly, I would say to stay determined because it will be a struggle, but it will be worth it.


The advice I would give to my younger self would be to follow any path you choose. I failed my first semester of college and decided to work full-time instead. When I finally settled into a routine at work, I went back to school to complete my degree part-time. It is not the usual path students take. I still get weird looks from counselors when I say I can't attend a certain class I need because it is only offered during the day. There are alternative ways of doing things to achieve your dreams. It will not be easy. You will even feel your heart break at how easy some people have it with their straight-lined career paths. You will make it if you want it badly enough so be passionate. You will always get what you want in the end if you never give up.


I would tell myself to focus on school. To learn everything I can and join as many clubs as I can. I would tell myself to make the most out of high school and to not care what people think! I would also tell my younger self to forget about working so much, and to not to take any time off after I graduate. I now realize how important college is and how necessary it is to be successful in life. I wish I could go back and actually pay attention in math class, because I am struggling with it so much now. I have learned so much since I have graduated from high school and looking back I know that I did not give all of my school work 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} and i realize how dumb that is now. There are a few things would not change, but academically, I would want to do so much better and live up to my full potential.


As a freshman in college today, if can go back in time to when I was a high school senior I will tell myself to stay away from the girls and also tell my self to apply for AP classes. As a senior I did really well, but had some things in the way from pushing myself to the limit like applying for AP classes which would of helped me today a lot. I would tell myself to run even more while I was in cross country and track and field to help get myself out to cal states or university coaches. I would tell myself to apply to any scholarships to get as much free money as I can to help me finacial because that would also had helped me a lot as well because im struggling in helping pay for accessories and helping pay the rent. Most importantly i would tell my self to not worry about family issues because i was always in the middle having to explain to my little brother what was happening. I would like to tell myself to just ignore what's going and also help my little brother have a better life.


With the affordable price and awesome experience I had, I would definitely advice myself to attend Citrus College. On my first day, I automatically felt welcomed and accepted. I gained a quality education from such a remarkable staff that showed passion in their lectures. I was also given the privilege to compete for the Varsity Women’s Golf Team. I traveled and competed at some of the most marvelous courses in California. Lastly, I learned how to value my time wisely. As a fulltime student, student athlete, and part-time employee, time management was very crucial for me. However, I am proud to say that I was still successful in my studies by obtaining a 3.9 GPA, earning my spot on the Citrus College Dean’s List and President’s List. Overall, there is not a moment in my time where I regret my decision attending a junior college. I made the best out of my experience being involved in my school community. Although I am leaving this experience behind me as I graduate this spring, I definitely see it more as a bittersweet moment where I get to cherish the memories and friendships I made for a lifetime.


I've been taught so much since high school and I remember coming into college I was terrified, so If I could give my younger self advice, I would say: "Maria, college is just another step closer to getting you to where you want to be. Get to know your professors and ask a lot of questions in class. Get involved with your school and the other athletes around you, they'll be more help then you think. Stay focused and study hard but don't sweat the little stuff. It all may seem scary at first but that's only because it's unfamiliar. Take the time to have fun with the new friendships you'll build. Take a lot of pictures and make as many inside jokes as possible because before you know it, your two years at Community College will be up, you'll be transferring, and you'll be saying bye to some really awesome people."


Some advice that I would give myself is that yes, college is a great place and a excellent area to earn high ranks of education. College can get out of hand sometimes and may have negative effects on you later in life. But you are the one paying for your education from here on out so make good chocies and don't ruin your oppurtunity. Other than that just enjoy yourself, make the best of it that you can, and finally use your mind and use your head smart.


The imagination that you hold on to and the belief that pizza is better than escargot is the beauty in which rests inside your mind and your heart. The reality of the world is what you make of it. No person makes decisions for you, a Government cannot tell you what to do, a teacher can only guide you in the right direction, a father can only discipline you, but in the end, you make the decision on how to live your life. The world can be the most beautiful place you have ever stepped foot in or the darkest and coldest place imaginable, this decision is up to you. Problems will be encountered in terms of family, friends, and money; treat your problems as your favorite super hero would, with courage and strength, always holding on to what He believes is right. Life is an adventure my friends, you are the future of our Country. Learn from the mistakes of your ancestors, don't fall to greed, power, or all the negativity which puts us down. Hold your head up high in front of the world and scream to the world: I AM PROUD TO BE ME.


I would tell myself to study harder if I wanted to go to a university of my dreams right away instead of staying at a two year college. This way I could get into my major directly.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and the transitions I endured, I would advise myself of better choices to make in my education and social life. College Caitlin: ?Hey Caitlin, it?s me from the future.? Senior Caitlin: ?Hey, what?s up?? College Caitlin: ?Your future is what?s up. Put my advice into action when making some valuable decisions in the future. First off, keep your education a priority over any social situation. Who cares if you are inside on a Friday or Saturday night? Your friends are just hanging out at Starbucks anyway worrying about how much homework and studying they have to do. Second, do not compromise any values of your own. You are an independent woman who is stronger than peer pressure. Your true friends will respect mature decisions you make. Go to class every time. College is about sacrifice. Sure there are other activities you would rather be doing, but keep your long term goals in mind about graduating from college and making a difference morally and ethically!? Senior Caitlin: ?Wow! Okay, sounds like a plan!?


"In college you will find debt, make sure to take every opportunity to save money. You work hard and you will graduate, and do not loose hope when money gets tight and you can not afford your classes."


In order to obtain greatness one must know how to complete goals using intense focus. An individual must maintain this focus throughout his endeavor, regardless of whether he deems it relevant or not, and regardless of whether he finds value in it or not. Despite having an ability to coast through high school and even college, one must learn to focus ones efforts into areas of opportunity and only then will he be prepared for what lies ahead. Greatness is achieve through intense focus. Greatness is achieved by knowing exactly how you wish to reach it--not merely by the fact you wish to. Greatness is the act of making the most of the tools in front of you and using them to your advantage.


Get help with your anxiety.


I would tell myself to work harder in high school to get into a UC instead of a community college. It would have saved me from living at my house with a bunch of crazy people.


I would give myself advice not to get ahead of myself. When I was a senior, I had my entire life planned out to every detail. Everything from the age i would get married to when I would get promoted I had planned. Now being a sophmore in college I realize how quickly and how often plans change. You need to consider all options in life and all career paths because there could be a perfect fit for a job somewhere out there and if you are not open minded you could miss a great opportunity. I would also say to pursue what your heart desires. A lot of influences become deciding factors in high school and then you have to deal with the consequences for years to come. I wish I tried to go right away to a four year school but my mind was so made up through what my parents sugeested that i gave in and their plans became my own. Although I would love to go back and change some things, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and now transferring i am a lot more appreiciative.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school I would tell my former self to have more fun and not worry so much about college applications and scholarships. One of my biggest concerns during high school was not going to a big and expensive university like most of my friends. I was worried that if I did not attend a big and expensive university I would be seen as a failure. I decided to go to a community college instead of the big universities that I did get accepted to and I do not regret the decision one bit. I have excelled in all of my classes and I am in good standings to enter nursing school in about a year. I feel that community college was a great decision for me because I have been able to have small class sizes, the benefit of teachers knowing my name and not calling me by a number, and of course the benefit of not having to pay a large tuition. My educational foundation is undoubtedly strong and I will be successful at whatever I put my mind to.


I would tell myself to do the very best I could. Also I would tell my self not to worry about marriage either that it would still be there when I got out of college. Do not take a semester off because it is hard to get back into the swing of tings. And timemanagement too ,that is an important key to being a successful student.


I would tell myself to be diligent in all class work, to not slack off - even when it's possible to get away with it and still get a good grade - to not be lazy, to finish assignments early, to make the most out of the learning opportunities, to develop and maintain high standards and good habits, even when not necessary, and to do my best. Go after your goals. If there is a college you really want to attend, make the extra effort and do what you can to go there. Community colleges are great, but they do not lead to careers - they lead to universities. Know where you're going and communicate with the college you're headed to. Develop a plan and stick to it while still being flexible. Above all, stay focused.


Love who you are. No one will always understand the way you think, the feelings you have, or the dreams you follow. No one can be you. Be comfortable with who you and what you want to do. You can always listen to your parents, but remember that it is your life not theirs. They only want what is best for you, but you need to figure that out for yourself. You need to be you when you make your decisions. Your parents don't want you to make a mistake, but seeing your effort, they should understand that you have to fail to be successful. You are the best you can be and don't believe that you are not good enough. Because in your heart, you have what it takes.