Citrus College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


i had the advantage of getting priority registration, but for others i hear it is extremely hard to get classes. In result, these students spend many years at this community college


The fact that students feel they are unable to drive change within the school. The feeling of insignificance in the bigger scheme of things puts the students in a mindset of false dreams and a painstakingly ugly reality which is only so because they choose it to be. The inability of the staff to operate due to limitations by policy and the budget of community colleges that decline due to the lack of support by Government.


The parking.


As a young kid, I always thought of college as being a marvelous place to be, filled with intellectual challenges and people who sought, eagerly, to establish themselves in the academic world. Naively, I thought these were the majority of people and that there were these amazing minds at every turn. There isn't that and finding your place among the crowd is still as hard as it's ever been.