City College-Altamonte Springs Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I have for my high school self is go to college first. Don't go to a technical school. Just follow your dream to be a surgical technician. Financial aid will help you out a lot so dont worry about money. Scholarships help to so go for it. You can work and go to school because your strong and your currently doing just that. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be able to get a degree at a young age and a job you will love. Life gets harder after high school it surely doesn't get easier. So think things over and find a career college. Google colleges and find information about the schools. Go check them out and choose a good college. So keep your head up and make yourslef someone important in life. There is job placement at career colleges. oh and by the way go check out city college. The school is great.


I would definitely tell myself to wait until I could be more serious about it. I would warn myself against going to school early and just going to try and get a higher position than my mother and essentially "beat" her at her profession. I would say wait a bit and you will find the profession you will love forever. I would also remind myself to fully read student loan agreements and the agreements of a technical school. It would have saved a lot of trouble with student loans. I would also remind myself that while yes it is great to have spending money, but saving for college would be the best option. I would remind myself to keep eating correctly and exercising to have more energy as well.


Hey High School me! Here is the deal, I am you 2 years into the future and I have some stuff to tell you. First, do not forget to write up an outline for your speeches in your Speech 3 class. I could of had an A if I did that. Also, avoid Mr. Perez for English at all costs. He is a horrific teacher and you will end up repeating the class due a clashing of styles. Place your need to study above the need to hang out with friends; I know the allure of playing Magic is strong between classes, but you do need to do well in order to get that doctorate you want. Try not to fall asleep in Chemistry class with Ms. T, and don't bother trying to keep up with her PowerPoint slides. It is best to just bring in your laptop and get the notes from her slides online. And do NOT skimp on getting a testbook for Trig. Trying to get it from the library is nightmarish as there is only one. One more thing, get into TRio as soon as you can, it will help you immensely. Good Luck!


Learn how to study effectively. Be a better student.


I would go staight from high school into college


Be prepared to work hard; but enjoy the fact that you are growing and will have the education with pride; once finished.


This is my second "go 'round" in college so I would have some choice words for my high school self. I would tell myself to go for what I love, to not let others influence my choices for a career. After successfully earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, something I really was not that interested in, I am going back to school for Private Investigation services and eventually criminal law. I would also share with myself that small schools allow for more one-on-one instruction and lasting relationships with fellow students.