City College-Fort Lauderdale Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I go to Kaplan University which is a distance online learning school. What I tell my friends the most about my school is how great the professor are and how flexible the classes are for my schedule. It's really a great school. I had intially left the University of Phoenix school and found that Kaplan University was really great for me and recommend all my friends and family.


Well, let's see! When bragging with friends about the school I attend I always have enough information to sell them on enrolling. What I like most about about my school is that it's set up like a network with an endless array of services. Anything you need from financial aid to health insurance or information on graduating at an accelerated pace you have access to to it. I also love to brag about my school's undisputable job placement statistics and records. Who wouldn't want to be a graduate of my school?


The instructors are very nice, they help you if they can, if they can not they send you to someone who can. It is a well known online college. If you went to Kaplan University, you would really enjoy it.


I brag about their technology and resources they have online. Since I am an online student at a prestigious university, I like to talk about how it's simple to access the course online and easy to use their resources.