City College-Gainesville Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I wiil tell myself that: first, that in the beginning things are new and scary because you will doubt yourself and you do not know what to expect from other students, insturctors or the faculty. However, thought once the transaction is complete and the schoold work starts to line up and you nerves calm down then things will be fine. The second piece of advice would be to not give up when things start getting difficult. This just means that you are learning things and that is why you are attending college to learn something new. Remember that if attending and graduating from college was easy than eveybody would be attending. The final thing would be that always believe inyourself. There will be others that will not beleive in what you are doing but you have to follow your heart and keep beleiving.


I would have made sure to take my foreign language so I could have gotten the bright futures scholorship, and I would have told myself to go to college sooner other than taking 6 years off, after waiting that long I have had to push my self to get out of my rut and go back to school.


If I could go back to my senior year in 1984 I would tell myself to not give up just because you don't have a major. By the time you finish taking your required classes your career path should be alot clearer. What ever you do don't quit college just because you are unsure of your major. Make time to talk with your counselors to help with this decision and don't try to keep everything to yourself. This can be very discouraging. Do whatever you need to do to stay in school and get a degree.