City Colleges of Chicago-Harold Washington College Top Questions

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The most unique thing about Harold Washington is its location. Since it is in the heart of Chicago, transporation is a breeze. You can truly get a good feel for city life, without having to pay an enormous tuition. The students that attend this college are also unique. Many come from very diverse backgrounds, so you will have a chance to meet new friends from all different nationalities and ages.


I did not initially choose Harold Washington College. I attended this school after my first year of college being away at UMKC. The one main difference between these schools was the personal relationship I built with my professors. They were more active in my learning and I truly I appreciate how they pushed me to do better and cared about my academics as opposed to fending for myself.


there is great clubs to join and learn.


My school is a two-year city college. Its tuition is much cheaper than four-year colleges, but the classes' quality is as same as most four-year colleges. Each class contains less than 30 students, so every student receives high-quality education. My school is located in the busy district of downtown Chicago, and it is very easy for students to get there. My college has pre-credit program and ESL program, and these programs are excellent to prepare anyone who wants to receive college education.