Clackamas Community College Top Questions

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It has a great computer science department. It has the tools: computers, software, teachers, etc. to help me to succeed.


The unique thing about clackamas community college is that the campus is much more enviromentally based than others, everything is natural which adds to the fantastic beauty and the courses offered here can be based around that.


I am only attending Clackamas Community College (CCC) so that I can get my basic classes out of the way. I will be attending The Art Institute of Portland next fall for Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. CCC has helped me a lot in finding out what I really want to do. They have a great college resource center, where counselors are always there to help you make the right choices on your career path. They also have an assortment of help if you are struggling in your classes, study halls, tutors, and the teachers are always there to answer questions.