Claflin University Top Questions

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My school is awesome.


It is smaller and closser to home.


The faculty at Claflin University truly has a close connection with the students. Also, the school is small, allowing a more intimate relationship between students, teachers, and administrators. Claflin offers a lot more assistance in the areas of academics and support than other colleges and universities.


Claflin University is a young college compared to many other accredited colleges and over the years it has grown to become one of the best schools in South Carolina.


It's very small and unique because it's the first black HBCU in South Carolina to have opened their doors


Claflin University is unique because she wants her students to leave here succesfully and as a leader. Under the leadership of President Henry Tisdale and First Lady Tisdale, Claflin envisions greatness and success. The theme of this university is "The World Need,s Visionaries". The people here are friendly and helpful. I have never felt so warm and safe being at Claflin. Its a wonderful university and I would recommend it to any student! When you leave from here people will know you are a Claflin student because you will be a leader and a visionary to the world!


My school is not too big and we get help in our classes more.


Compared to other schools Claflin University is unique because they focuss on alot of other beneficial oppertunities for us students as far as required community service, internships, and tutoring


It is unique beacuse it where many artistic, creative, and adventerous things happen.


What I think is so unique about Claflin University is, the campus is beautiful, and people are friendly everyday. Not just for the first few months, but everyday of the year you feel the same way as you did when you first walked on the campus. Claflin treats their students like people, and not just another number. This is a very unique trait about Claflin, that other Universities lack.


The thing my school is unique for compared to other school is that it is very small with small classes. Also, the professors build relations with their students to learn their names and are available to give their students a helping hand with assignments and take the time to learn their student.




College is your new world! Jump in eagerly and ready to learn. Have fun..... but not too much fun! Laugh alot go out and enjoy friends and most importantly study and do your work. Oh and also get to know your proffessors!


We are a family and we help each other any way we can.