Claflin University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Claflin is a great school.


I am a new student at Claflin University and have been away from school for a long time. I decided to return to school after my daughter was grown. I am enjoying the process of getting back into the learning frame of mind and the staff and faculty have been helpful and I am looking forward to going back to school and completing my Master's degree at Claflin. Claflin University is a great school and wants to help each student reach their highest potential.


Claflin University is a wonderful school. All the professors that teach here are very concerned about the students that attend the university. We attend alot of events that are held on campus. Claflin is a great school and anyone should want to attend this HBCU.


Claflin is a great school for people who don't want to be overwhelmed coming into college. Claflin students have ALOT of school pride. I will always remember how they welcome the incoming freshmen for the upcoming fall semester. Claflin do have curfew for freshmen students but after you get used to it and start to follow it, they usually extend it.