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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


visit the school before you decide to attend


My advice to parents and students is to do research on the school. Spend a weekend or weekday on the campus to get a feel of the campus.


make sure you do college tours and receive as much information about the colleges that you are considering. Get the most out of the college experience and will be your most memorable years of your life. Concencerate on your academics but also have a social life and network with people. Gain a relationship with all your professors, advisors, and counselors they will be the people that you are able to talk to if you have problems and use them as references. Education is very important so take it serious, you don't want your money to go to waste. Parents need to be very supportive emotionally as well as finiancially, college can be very hard on some students and having a supportive team will make your college experience a good one.


Allow the student to visit numerous colleges in state as well out of state. It will be wise to began as soon as possible, but be sure it is no later than their sophomore year of highschool. Lead and guide the student, but allow them to be the one to make the final decsion, considering they will be the one attending the university /community college. In regards to "making the most of the college experience," expose the student to different safe, fun and informative activities that occurs on various college campuses. This will allow the student to have an idea of what college life is like and what fits them. This will also give the student insight on what they would like to be apart of and can look forward to.


Chose the college that fits your personality. Have the time of your life at school. Make new friendships because it only last four years but friendship. It is also a clean slate for you if you didn't well in high school.


Yes, college is about getting an eduacation, but do not forget that your child also deserves a great educational and SOCIAL experience. When it comes to the college's prestige, do some research to validate what the administration is telling you. Also go visit to see the surrounding area to see if it is fitting for you. Then, allow your child to spend a weekend at the school to see if they will be able to enjoy their time at the school. (Most times when a student is wanting to leave an institution, it is because they are not enjoying their social time.) In most cases, students do not spend a lot of their days in classes, it is more so spent in the dorm or "on the yard". Another tip would be to check the main administrative offices to make sure your child can handle the business required to move forward between semesters. The best indicator on knowing whether you picked the best institution would be receiving very few calls on problems going on within the school. Last but not least, never shy away from asking a student or students about the good and bad things about their institution.


Don?t rush! That would be my advice to any parents and/or students seeking the perfect institution. Everything that glitters is not gold?a lot of Universities will make empty promises to draw students. Do your research and weigh your options. Do you prefer a small setting compared to a university with 12,000 or 25,000 students? Take your time and start looking early.


Consider how much the current students are focused their educational and career goals, what is the school duing to help undecided students find their career interests, and how much support does the school provide towards assisting families with financial aid when scholarship and grant money doesn't cover the cost of tuition.


I would advise parents and students to make sure they research the schools and its surroundings. Also make sure the school has the programs they want for their children.


Dont just go off what people tell you ABOUT the school. Do your research. It well help, you dont want to be at i school cuz you heard something but is totally different look for your self. if you know you do better in small crowds go to a small college. Base where you want to go off your pesonailty.


Make sure the distance is acceptable and also the cost.


Finding the right college can be difficult for some people. There are many things you need to consider when deciding what school is best for you. When choosing your school you should first ask yourself do you want to be at a small or large campus? A person should also consider what type of environment they would prefer to be located? The distance from one's family is another important factor to consider when deciding what school is the best choice. Research and visit campuses to see which best fit the desciption of your idea(s) of a good school. Read to see how academically well the school is as a whole and talk with an alumni or someone who is currently attending that school. Another important factor would be to check to see the crime or violence rate that is at or around the school. My best advice to someone who is trying to decide what school is best for them is to take time to research and find all the answeres to all of your questions. Remember knowledge is the key.


The best advice that I would give parents and students would be to find a college that makes the student happy. This means that the college has a strong program in what the student wants to study. It also means that the school has the constuctive extracurricuar activities that the student wants to take part in. The school also has to be in the environment that the student wants to attend college (i.e. rural, city setting, etc.) and has to be the right size for the student (i.e. large, small, etc.). To sum it up, when searching for the right college the focus has to be on the student's preferences because they are the ones who have to got to that school.


The advice I would give to students is look for a school has the major that you want , activities you are interested in, make sure your school have accredition and safety. Parenta make the school is a great value for your money, make sure your children have safe dorms to live in, and also pay attention to where the school is located.


It is really up to the students dislikes and likes. So for the student, make sure when you look into a certain college it is what you expect and want. While searching for the right college students try to involve your parents, because whether you like it or not they have a say to where you want to go to a certain extent. But it is nice to have your parents interaction, because you are going to need them while you are there. My advice for the parents is to try not to be so hard, but clear in what you want for your child and understanding. Try to reason with them because they are young adults going into the world just needing your advice, support and most of all your love.


First, decide what kind of experience you're looking for--not just the size or the educational programs offered, but also, the type of communtiy you want to immerse yourself in. What instiution will best reflect who you are and steer you toward the future you've envisioned? Then start searching for schools that fit the bill. Even then, it helps to be open-minded. Go to college fairs, look around. I had no idea that my school existed before I went to a college fair. Now, my sophomore year, I realize I wouldn't be happier anywhere else. Once you make your decision and arrive on campus, leave that open-minded spirit intact. Don't be afraid to talk to your roommate (at this stage, he/she is likely your only friend), sit with strangers in the caf, or just hang out in the student center. From there, look around. There will probably be dozens of mulicolored flyers around campus, organizations vying for your attention. Join a club or two, but not just one's you're used to; appease your curiosity. Try new things and relax into the change. Keep your head in the books, but enjoy yourself!