Claflin University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


i wish somebody would have told me that freshman year was going to be kind of easy.


That I Had to buy all of my art supplies my self.


You are always told that you are on your own when you get to college and you have to know how to manage your time but you realize just how much freetime you have and that all that freetime can be wasted or maximized. I wish I would have known that a majority of people drop out not because they couldnt handle the the courseload but because they didn't know what to do with all of the extra time that they had.


I wish that I known that I would meet some awesome people


There isn't anything I wish I would have known. Claflin University is a great college.


That I would need a lot of study skills and people skills to truly succeed in my first year.


Studying is essential to everyday life. Weather its studying for a job or a class. In order to succeed with any job or class you must study and learn the material to the tee. In high school I wished I learned how to study better. In high school classes were very easy to past, if you did your work. Most of the time I got away with passing test just by studying the material the night before. In high school most teachers give the information that is going to be on the test.


Before coming to Claflin University I wish I would of known what i qualified for as far as finacial aid. Also, it would have been better to research what all oppertunities they have to offer.


I'm more of a city person, I like big places and fast paced type of lifestyle. I just wish I would have known that the city that my school is in was small and quiet and the residents here kind of live at a slow pace type of life style.


Nothing. I knew a lot about the school already because it was my father's alma mata


I wish I would have known the credit policy because while at other schools a classes are probably worth 3-4 credits, there are unncecessary classes that we take and its only worth 1 credit. It takes up the time we could take another class for our major but we have to take it because its mandatory. I also wish that I knew I would not enjoy the South.


I wish i was more focused, because it took a little longer to finish school. i believe if i knew how to be more organized before i came to school.