Claflin University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The awesomeness of my school is very awesome.


I really love my HBCU, the professor really wants you to learn and make something out of yourself. That's what I like the most about Claflin University. The activites that goes on is really excitied to, they do things to get our head refresh at times. Sometimes it's good to just clear your head get out the book for a little minute. O verall there's lots of good things I want to share about Claflin, but it's so much to say in so little words. Another thing about Claflin I like is our library.


The best thing about my school is the staff. I like how everyone is friendly and concerned about our education.


My school has programs that are convenient for working, parents to further ther education without having to quit there job or miss out on their family life.


The class size. I picked this school because of small class room size professors have a smaller focus so they can pay attention to you individualy. Also all Divine 9 (all black frats and sor.)


What i like most about my school is the nursing program. It scored a 100 percent in the accreditation test needed for all nursing programs to be acreditted. They also have won first place for the past two years in the National Student Nurse's Associations contests for best data based experiments against top Ivy league schools.


small class sizes and devoted teachers


I would consider the best thing about my college is the campus activities.


most of the people are friendly


Social life, academic emphasis, and graduation percentage.