Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The best thing about Clark Atlanta University is the sense of pride students obtain while attending. Prior to coming to Clark Atlanta University, I did not take pride in myself as a student. College is not soley about obtaing good grades, but it is also a time to find oneself. As a student I have learned how to present myself at my best at all times due to the wide vierety of opportunities that Clark Atlanta University has to offer. In the duration of four years, students who come out of Clark Atlanta University will walk thei heads held high.


High acedemic achievement.


its aa hbcu


Mass Media Arts. They run the school!


Our school is well known for both its outstanding Business School as well as the Mass Media Department. The two departments are awesome, and though I'm an English Major, I can expect excellent help from the two when collaborating departments.


Clark College/University was the first historically black college founded. Clark College and Atlanta University were consolidated in 1988. This makes Clark Atlanta University the oldest and youngest HBCU.


My school is unfortunately best know for partying.


My school is best known for how they always help their students get to where they want to go in life.


School in the traditional sense is to ultimately to help someone receive and secure gainful employment. Additionally, some will say that it offers the ideal structure and a roadmap for success.


My school is best know for having one of the highest success rate for graduating students from college. CAU has a school success program in place to asssistance students with their classes. It is the oldest and newest HBC in extistence. Clark is known for going the extra mile for their students' success. Clark is also know as one of the top Mass Media Programs throughout the nation. CAU is also known for teaching students to have pride in themselves and developing an understanding to give to back to the community.


Clark Atlanta is best known for their business program.




My school is best known for great academics and fun times!


Its academic ability its students have and the lectures its professors teach.


My school is best known for it's location Many famous people live in the surrounding area, and the city makes my school very attractive to new students.


My school is best know for our Commuincations program. It has driven me there from high school. Seniors at my school in that are in my major are given an internship their senior year with places such as CNN and most continue with the company and create a career for themselves before they graduate. They supply us with a hands on learning environment and teach us all the fields of the communication field such as broadcasting, sound,research, camera, speech, and etc so that we can excel in every aspect of the communication world.


Our school is best known for being an exceptional HBCu


My school is best known for education and reseach that has been done.


Its in Atlanta


Parties, historical events, and films.


My school is best known for its rich history. Clark Atlanta is the consolation of Atlanta University(1865) and Clark College(1869). Clark Atlanta consolated in 1988.


Clark Atlanta is best known for its Historical Black College background and its pretty girls.


I do not know how well knowm this is, but the National Black Athem was written at CAU. It is apart of the Atlanta University System, which includes Spelman college, Morehouse College, Morris Brown College, Morehouse School of Medicine, and the Interdenominational Theological Center, all of which are Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). This provides a very unique experience in which students can take classes at other schools within the Atlanta University System. Clark College and Atlanta University came together as one on June 24, 1988 making it Clark Atlanta University.


Clark Atlanta University is known for the faculty and staff striving to make sure that each student receives an excellent education. The faculty and staff help each student succeed beyond their expectations. They always find ways to help the students find internships, scholarships, and any other opportunities that will lead us to success towards our career. Without Clark Atlanta University there would not have been scholars that have helped changed the world. As a Historical Black College and University, Clark Atlanta University shows that there can be success if the students are taught how to succeed.


Clark Atlanta is mostly known for being the alma mater to many influential people in the entertainment business, being one of the most filmed campuses in the country, being the only university in the Atlanta University Center, its consolidation between Atlanta University and Clark College, and it's athletics.


Our school is best known for its great Business School, and great Mass Media Arts. There is so many talented students that attend and come out of this school. Also our school been used in many films as well.


My college is best known for it's rich academic legacy, deep cultural and spiritual heritage, and great prospects for the future. My college is also known for it's predominantly African- American and diverse student body. My college most importantly is known for being one of the top Historically Black College & Universities.


To people who are not too familiar with the college, it would be known as a historically black institution right beside Morehouse College and Spelman. For the people that attend the school it would be known for it's Mass Media Arts program as well as it's history i.e. WEB DuBois


My School is best known for its school of business. The school of business is a popular and successful program at my school. Many students from around the country come to Clark Atlanta University specifically to attend the school of business. Also My school has been featured in a few major films and television shows, so my school is well known and recognized.


This school is known as one of the more goal-oriented and successful Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We are known for our strong cultural and historical based past and strong education. We build our school spirit and pride based off of our predecessors and the bettering of ourselves from a segregated past. I personally believe that the spirit of the campus and the motivation to graduate and be successful is derrived from the past successes and enlightened and educated Black Americans.


My school is best known for being a great Historical Black College and because it's in the center of Atlanta and a lot of music artist are born here, there is a lot of interships for just about any professions available.


the 80 clubs and organization on campus.


my school i sbest known for its business program, and how expensive it is to attend there.


CAU is best known for it's school spirit. Basketball games against Morehouse are always a highlight along with homecoming. CAU is also known for being the first school of the AUC and the only with a doctorial program.


Business and Mass Media Schools


They are known as a big party school. However, its really not true.


Being a great business school, an d a historically black college.


Mass Media.


Truthfully I do not know what my school is famous for. Its has had famous Black scholars like W.E.B DuBois attend it and be one of the first graduates.


My school is best known for their community involvment.


"Finding a way or making one" (school motto), being an HBCU


Clark Atlanta is best know for their marching band and also for their mass media arts and business programs.


For being an HBCU


I really believe that CAU is best known for their business school. That is actually what made want to attend the institution. CAU, hands down, has to be the absolute BEST HBCU business school in all of Southern America. This school sets up mock interviews with major corporations to ensure success in its' students future careers. As an Accounting major, i was estatic to meet with four of the Big Five Accounting firms just my freshman year. I love this Business School.


the wonderful alumni that graduate and became successful..their great program of school of business