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What's unique about my school compared to other schools I considered is the historical significance and the proximity of other very infuential colleges, Spelman and Morehouse. Knowing how significant the University I attend was to the civil rights movement and the advancement of African-Americans I felt as if the only and right choice out of other schools I looked at was to go to Clark Atlanta University.


Clark Atlanta University is unique because of the fashion based cultural. People really love to share their since of style no matter what marjor they are. It is a historically black college and alot of the students come from African American families that have done well in life. It is a private school and fraternatities and sorrorities are it's prize possesions.


What's really unique about Clark Atlanta University is that, not only are we the only University in the Atlanta University Center (AUC), but we are also the only HBCU in the AUC that became consolidated by two schools (Clark College and Atlanta University) in 1988. You won't hear information about that at Morehouse College or Spelman College.


The unique thing about Clark Atlanta University are the students here. People here would be amazed at the different states or countries the students here come from. Personally before i came to Clark I thought i would only meet people from Atlanta, surprisngly i was wrong. There are people from places like California, New York, Washignton, Africa, the Vigin Islands and so on. I love the fact that i am able to enteract and build friendships with people from different parts of the world because there is a variety of cultural back grounds, fashion, and personalities.


I am from Michigan, my other college choices were Michigan State and University of Michigan. Those schools are extremely big and there is little to no individual help from the professors to the students. I wanted to be able to be known by my name and not just a number and to recieve as much one on one helo that I possibly could which would afford me the opportunity to excel in my academics. Not many schools give personal assistance because of time restraints and there are just entirely too many students to tend to.


When comparing all the schools I was accepted to, one thing stuck out to me about Clark Atlanta that heavily influenced my decision. The family-like atmosphere here at Clark Atlanta University really sets it apart from many other schools. With CAU considered a "small" school, I think it only further enhances the "family" ties between all the students and faculty here. Being able to interact with my professors one-on-one, shows me just how invested they are, personally, in my educational goals. Teachers here really put forth their best efforts to ensure a good educational experience.


The professors are very helpful! They care about their students and their learning capabilities.


My school is in the heart of Atlanta and one of the first historically Black colleges.Also it is apart of the Alanta University Center which includes;Spelman,Morehouse ,and Morris Brown college.


Clark Atlanta University is a very fundamental and innovative environment. There is always events around campus that gets the student body involved. Also, the atmosphere is very diverse and encourages unity amongst the campus community. Clark Atlanta University is a place for doers. Whether your passion is reading, speaking, performing, language, science or math, there is a club for you. There's never a lack of activity on campus, and the University's 80+ student organizations spread their activity beyond the confines of the campus as well.


That I have the opportunity to meet many celeberities, the opportunity to be around othersof my racial ethnicity, and to be the first to go away from school.


My institution really focuses on preparing students for the work place post graduation. The career placement planning center assist students with available internships and employment opportunities so that students will get the training in the career field that he/she has applied for. Compared to other schools Clark Atlanta University has am excellent Mass Media department so students intrested in communications will appreciate the resources provided by the faculty and staff of the Mass Media Arts department.


My school is an HBCU so I am learning with a group of people I can relate too.


I love my university. I feel that alot of things are unique. Even though its roughly 5,000 student, I feel that my school is a small family outside my regular family. My class size is not too small or too big, therefore my teach is able to help me with problems I have in class. Organizations are big on campus and its involves alot of giving back to the commuities, and I love the fact that everyone is willing to help each other.


Compared to other schools that I considered, Clark Atlanta University offers more and is more unique. Clark offers students resources such as an on campus library, reliable computers, touring, counseling, and more. Clark has a unique way of teaching; we learn from an African American point of view verses learning the same way as other colleges. It’s also unique as the students aren’t just another face to the professors. At Clark the students have relationships with the professors, unlike other colleges where the professors don’t know their students and don’t care if they go to class.


Our institution is closely related with three other institutions that are within walking distance from one another.


Clark Atlanta University is unique in itself because it is a combonation of two previous schools, Atlanta University and Clark College. Both schools have made a tremendous impact on the communities that surround it. Another extrodinary fact about Clark Atlanta University is that it is surrounded by two other colleges, Spelman College and Moorehouse college. With these three colleges being so close, it allows the students to interact with more students and become social and well rounded individuals.


I love the fact it is an HBCU (Historically Black College or University) and that you can cross register to take classes at your neighboring schools like, Spelman, Morehouse and Georgia State University for no extra charge. The AUC, or Atlanta University Center, has a lot of black history and a lot of graduates are great men and women that have made their mark in our world. The AUC is prestigious in the south.


My institution is a co-ed methodist HBCU in the center of the always active city of Atlanta. The campus has an astounding amount of history behind it and it has been filmed on numerous occasions. The tuition wasn't as high as the other schools I considered attending. Being that I wanted to attend an HBCU institution in the south that expressed my religion and possessed the other qualities I mentioned, I chose to attend Clark Atlanta University.


I feel that a unique thing about my school is the School of Business, which is the sole reason I chose to attend Clark Atlanta University. My major is business so when I found out that the School of Business was rated one of the top business programs among historically black colleges and universities, I decided that this would be the best possible choice in the city that I wished to live in.


a class discussion, a real possibility with class sizes averaging only 26 students, and that one on one the teacher.


my school is a Historic Black University so it strongly emphasis the african american culture.


its an hbcu, so it feels good to see other African Americans trying to better themselves and others around them.


This was the only Historically Black University I applied to. It was also the only school in the southern U.S. that I applied to. It was the most appealing to me, it seemed to cater more to my generation.


The people here have fun, it is not like other schools where faculty and students are separated, most students are on first name basis with the presidebnt of the school.


What's unique about Clark Atlanta University is its ability to cater to every student's needs. For instance, if a graduating senior applies to CAU with intentions of majoring in Physics, and no phyiscs program is offered, CAU will implement a new Physics cirriculum to cater to the student. If that doesn't work, the administration will create a partnership with a near by university, such as Spelman College or Morehouse College, so that the student can take major classes there but still obtain a degree from CAU.


My school is the same age as me! It was consolidated from Clark College and Atlanta University in 1988.


Clark Atlanta University is a large campus but has the atmosphere of a small campus. Everyone gets along well. The staff and the students have a great relationship and this helps the students academically and socially.


Nothing really. The feeling of an HBCU and the experience you get and being able to bond with people just like you.


The music program at clark was welcoming. Alot of the schools tried to intimidate you on the level of experience needed to be in their music program. When I went to audition for the professors at clark they made me feel as if I had already knew them. I felt at home and was no longer nervous. It was like singing infront of my family. I knew then that I had to be a part of this.


it's an hbcu...what could be better?! i loved being able to learn about black people and their attributions in the classroom for the first time in life.


What makes Clark Atlanta University more unique then any other school that i concidered is the fact that they encourage you to be who you are , and the staff really does try to meet every students needs.


The history of the school. It is an HBCU and has alot of history in the surrounding areas. not only are we a single university, we are a center of 4 or 5 other schools with students that have the same things in common. its the best of a few worlds.


Something unique about my school compared to others is that it is a Historic Black College&University. It was built in the late 1800's and was at one time two different institutions. The two schools combined in 1988 to become one. Also my school was one of the central places for the Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta Georgia in the year 1996. Also my school is unique because it is located in the center of the Atlanta University Center which is the place where five unviersities are located.


Clark Atlanta University is a historically black university so it's place where young African Americans can come together in a positive educational environment and feel welcome. The campus is dedicated to community service, school spirit, and really has a comfortable fun environment. It's so easy to be active on campus.


The school is very good in addressing the needs of the african american race. It isnt just a party school or study study study school there is a nice balance if you know hot to manage your time.


the school is a HBCU


clark atlanta has small class sizes and the staff seems to really care about the students.. the campus wasn't too big but not too small. there are a lot of activities to get involved in and all the students seem a great since of pride in the school.