Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing i brag about most to my friends would be how they are in the list of the top HBCUs and they are very good at what they do. I am still learning each day about the school but i love the historic side.



The worst thing about Clark Atlanta Universiy would be the lack of financial support. Being that Clark Atlanta University's cost of attehndance is $36,000.00 per year, there is a large amount of stuents who struggle to get enrolled. Obtaining help from the school is nearly impossible. There are few scholarships that the school has to offer. I believe that due to the lack of financial support Clark Atlanta University provides, students are less motivated to earn their degrees. Although money does play a vast part of college, students should have more scholarships available at their institution.


That the school is very cultural. It has a lot of nice people there that are very friendly. They are willing to help you. It has very good police fore. The school is very huge. The education is very great seems like your their to get a great education. The dorms are very nice. The campus is very big when you get there. The food is very good their. They are very respectful.


Yoy recieve alot of oppertunites to gain internships.


I love how Clark Atlanta University is located near downtown Atlanta. It provides me with the capability to explore the city with or without a car. Next to us is Spelman College and Morehouse College. We have students beyond just our institution. This provides all students with the ability to meet different people. As a Business students, I love our business program. I am learning about corporate matters in my freshman year. Overall I love my institution.


When telling my friends from back home about my instiution I always have one thing or another to brag about. I usually brag about the number of events and functions to attend on campus. There is always something to do on Clark Atlanta's campus the problem is finding it ahead of time. I also brag about the social life, due to Clarks close proximity with Morehouse and Spelman College I am always meeting someone new and interesting. Greek Life is always a hot topic and I tend to brag about how the different organizations spice up the campus.


I brag about my school's access to many opportunities in the city of Atlanta. Also, the HBCU experience is one that all young African Americans should get.


I brag about the school spirit.


I brag about how many networking opportunities there are.


My school is a school of very intelligent individuals . It is filled with very created and positive students who enjoy learning .


Attending Clark Atlanta University you learn about the history of African Americans that you never learned in highschool or in your community. Entering Clark Atlanta University first semester I learned so much about my history that I was never taught in school or taught through the elders in my family. I was able to go back home in December and share what I have learned with others like friends and family members and surprisingly they were englightened by the information they learned from me because being older or younger than me they never knew these facts about their history.


When I brag on CAU to my friends that attend other universities, I brag on our communications program and the networking I will receive here in Atlanta Georgia. I brag of the pride that my school posses and I brag on the Atlanta University Center. There is no other place in the world like it. You get to meet so many people from all over the world all, set up in one place to attend 5 colleges and universities and we learn oppulent amounts of different cultures and ethnicties.


There's alot to brag about. I brag the celebraties that come and I also brag about how I like my schedules and classes.


There is always something to do, there is never a dull moment. With Atlanta being one of the biggest city's and Clark Atlanta being an HBCU I have a lot of fun. Also the teaching that comes from the teachers, they really work hard for their students and they help in every way possible. They teach things that are relavent to today and things that I can use in everyday life. I feel comfortable talking with them about school work and even my personal life.


I brag the most about on campus activities.


I brag that I'm really finding myself their, being away from home is really helping me to mature and depend on myself and not be so selfish when it comes to my parents. I also brag that im in an EXCELLENT business program and that it will only take me 5 years to receive my Masters in Accounting.


I mostly brag that is an great university. Also Clark Atlanta University has always been on the top of my list of prospective colleges due to their great Computer Science programs, outstanding faculty, beautiful campus, and affordability among many things. That thier campus is very large with many student activites.


cau is in the heart of the city of atlanta right in the midst of downtown, there is a strong community and a family like setting


My experience at Clark Atlanta University was incredible. Academically, almost all of my professors really cared about each and ever one of thier students and assited us in any way they were able, sometimes even going up and beyond the call of duty. My professors also pushed me to do my very best and because of that I have learned to do the very same in all that I do, weather it is work, home school my son, or just home management. I will always me greatful for the suppor, encouragement and education I recieved at Clark Atlanta University (CAU).


The Diversity and the weather, parties, greek life, bands, choirs, social life, etc. I love my school. its the best experience for me.


When I tell people about my school I let them know that it is a Historically Black College Uiversity. I tell them that my teachers a very easy to get along with and my professors are the best and they want the best for you also.


i often talk about the people at the school, and how everone is so ice and friendly. i also talk about ll the history and historical events that happen at the school. There also a lot of greek life and school aticites that i like to participate in. when talking aboutthe school i like to talk about my classes as well and how interesting thy are.


That my teachers are willing to help me if I am willing to learn. They are excited to see students who work hard, they don't like students who just come to class to sleep.


When telling my friends about my school, I brag mostly about the availibilty of resources and information. I see at my school limitless supplies of academic jewels that will practically guarantee success, when correctly LEARNED and APPLIED. Clark is full of wise, educated staff members and teachers, and is located in a city that exists as an everyday reminder that the first step to lifelong happiness and success is indeed the first step into a collegiate learning environment.


The Mass Comm department is one of the best in the country. There is a Mac lab available to the students when needed. Workshops are given weekly on Final CutPro and PhotoShop for free, you just have to be a student in the Atlanta University Center (AUC). Even though Spike Lee graduated from Morehouse College he took his major classes at Clark Atlanta in the Mass Comm Dept.


When bragging to my friends, I tell them about the boy to girl ratio, social life, and the good weather.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag most about the smaller teacher to student ratios compared to other institutions I have visited. I also brag about the close relationships I make with my professors and the ability to go to someone on campus who seems to care when I need help. Diversity is another major asset that I brag about my university. There are different ethnic groups and people from all over the world that I get to meet on campus, thus providing me with the opportunity to deal with people who aren't just like me.


When I brag about my school mostly I talk about how there are many opportunities that my school provides for me. Such as study abroad, internships,work study etc. I know that once I graduate in 2013 I will have a job. I also am looking forward to studying abroad. I would like to study in a foreign country such as london, or China. This is what I like most about my institution.


I like to tell my friends about how my teachers know me by my first name and honestly know me as a person not a number or anything else.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag most about the new enviroment I am in. The teachers I have and the new friends I have met. The people in Atlanta are so kind and caring. They treat you as if they have known you all their life.


I tell my friends about the greek activites, the people there and how firendly they are, I tell them about on-campus events that bring the students together, and how the campus and surrpinding campuses are like a mini town and everyone gets along well. I mostly enjoy the learning and social atmosphere the school gives.


One thing that I absolutely love about my school is the professors. The professors at my school are so caring and they love their jobs. I can contact anyone of my professors at ANYTIME and they will be of assistance. They stay late hours and come early to help the students earn a good grade in their classes. At times it may seem as if they are our parents; however, some students need that to succeed.


When telling friends about my school I brag most about where it is located.


ThatI love going to a historically black college!




The thing I brag most about is the many different social groups and organizations CAU has to offer. Our professors are very hands-on, although they do prepare you for the real world, as in no "babying." Being in Atlanta, there is so many off-campus things to do you would never be bored. From parties, to shows, art strolls, to shopping.


The different point of view we learn from our teachers, and our homecoming events.


I tell my friends about how friendly other students are and how everyone enjoys attending this school.


My home town. ( Harlem NY ) the way we talk, walk, "swag" style etc.


It is a great experience to see black men and women in a more positive manner.




the music school, and the philharmonic society