Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Person that would like to obtain a degree from a wonderful university.


Any kind of person who wants too get a good education, this college is very good and also a private HBCU and has been here for some time now, I just love this college and everything that it has too offer.




I feel as though any person willing to make the most out of themselves and their future should attend this school. There are many down fall of this school but the few people you do come across allows you to do things for yourself and become more independent.


People who not only want to learn about black culture, but about themselves and the change they can make in the world because Clark Atlanta University teaches students to find a way or make one and they build a culture for service in student's hearts.


Any dedicated, focused, hardworking individual could attend Clark Atlanta, but they would have to posess those qualities because it is so easy to loose sight of why you are at this institution.


The kind of person that should attend Clark Atlanta University has to be someone who cares about the community and the culture for service. Someone who does not mind taking the time out to serve the community around them is the kind of person that would love CAU. Also, someone who loves to learn about the African American culture would love this school. Everyone is loving and adores the school, and the person that comes here should as well.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who wants to have the oppourtunity to recieve higher learning/education from well educated professors. They should be willing to put in all the work that is necessary to have a successful matriculation at Clark Atlanta. Someone who wants to experience the HBCU culture and lifestyle, and someone who isn't afraid to stand out and be heard knowing that there is a whole campus that is willing to stand behind them 100 percent.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who likes to be in the city. It is in the heart of the city and can be very noisy at times. Although the crimes around the school are moderate, the students should always be alert. If someone hates a lot of noise and likes to be around a more diverse group of people should not attend this school.


Clark Atlanta is a historical black college. But that doesn’t mean only African-American students only should apply. I think everyone should apply to any of our AUC colleges. Not only we have Spellman and Morehouse college but we have are main school that makes up the AUC, which is Clark Atlanta University. I’m a Hispanic student at an HBCU school. No matter what your race is, it all just comes to, do you want to have an education.


To attend Clark Atlanta University you should be very outgoing and willing to get involved in extracurricular activities. You cannot be afraid to be a leader and stand up for what you believe in. Clark Atlanta students need to be ready to change the world.


An african amerian student that is looking to better further their education and meet a lot of new people should attend this school.


There isn't a specific type of person that should attend any type of school but there are some things that stands out to people about different schools. Some things that are common at Clark Atlanta University are students who are African-American because this school is an HBCU. Also someone who likes to attend a private school that contains fewer students than most universities.


The kind of person that should attend this college is students that have life skills, who also have a brilliant mind. They shouldn't give in to peer pressure or be the type of person to slack off on any assignment that is given to them. Also they must be willing to learn and good at dealing with balancing assignments and student activites.


Anyone that wants to be excellent and succeed in life should attend. Someone that enjoys tradition.




The type of person to attend Clark Atlanta University is someone who wants personal sucess and change along with community change. Community service is a huge factor in this institution. One of the school's mottos is "Culture for Serive." To be a student you must have that urge to be involved socially. The school encourages everyone to voice their opinion through action rather than verbally. To attend this institution, one should be active in wanting to change something they believe in.


An individual hungry for the knowledge of the African American race and its origin


Clark Atlanta University is a great shcool for students who are interested in Fashion, Public Relations, and Broadcasting. The curriculums for these programs are wonderful and the fact that professionals within the Fashion, Public Relations, and Broadcasting industy often visit our campus gives students an oppurtunity to network and form relationships before starting their carrer.


The kind of person who would attend Clark Atlanta University, is someone who wants to have a career they always wanted. Or a career they will love and enjoy.


Clark Atlanta University is a school for enthusiatic African American individuals who want to embrace their heritage through community service, leadership and academic progress. Its motto,"I'll find a way or make one" personifies the Black struggle and self-sufficient attitudes reflected over generations by the race, foreshadowing progress, advancement, and hope. I believe this institution would provide a healthy and positive cultural, educational, and communal environment for any student aiming to give back to his or her community, family(ies), and self.


A person that wants to experience unity and a strong sense of African-American culture.


A very open minded person should consider attending Clark Atlanta because it's a wide range of unique individuals that already attend my school.


anyone! especially strong and ambitious individuals.


A person who is very active, likes to meet others and network. This school is really good for people interested in Mass communications or Business.


I think this is a great school for everyone. You have to be able to have self control though.


Clark is a diverse university, i believe any student can attend this university and feel welcomed. The faculty is very supportive and fun, which makes the college experience very easy to adjust to. Any student who is about serving the community, uplifting themselves or their family, or having pride will love CAU. This university is the most diverse and active campus i have been on, and I love it!


Anybody body of any kind can and are welcome to this school.


The kind of person that should attend this school are individuals who are pursuing the major of business and mass media arts.


Someone who loves the HBCU culture and big cities as well as diversity should attend this school.


Students who are interested in diversity, networking, and business education should attend my undergrad. I think that you have to be focused to attend because the campus is surrounded by five other institutions and the city has a lot going on that can be distracting to sheltered students.


I dont believe there is a certain type of person who is perfect for Clark Atlanta University. CAU is an institution that is committed to their students and provides a supportive environment to develop any skills a student wants. Anyone looking for an institution that does this should attend.


Someone who is diligent in their work, school spirited, has a strong work ethic, openly friendly, communicable, values education


A person who whats to go to the greatest HBCU becuase it has a lot to offer them.


If you are looking to know more about the African American community and the Black identy Clark Atlanta Univeristy would be the school for you. This school is also for the person who is interested in any Mass Communication field of work.


A determined, fast-paced student should attend this school. Any student that is really looking for independence while maintaing a strong sense of a family environment. Friendliness is common, however compassion is not. The school is very good at providing partial information which teaches you to do your own research, handle your own problems, and do your own investigations. Students who want to build on the skills it takes to be successful and have a strong determination to be successful should attend here. Strong communicators and business people should attend this school.


A person who is serious about comng to school, because it is a expensive. Some one ready to learn about their African American culture.


I believe the type of person that should attend this university, is anybody who is open-minded and has morals and values. Although the university is mostly made up of African Americans, it is diverse, and anyone who wants to be a part of a diversity, should attend.


The kind of individual that should attend Clark Atlanta University is anyone who would like to be apart of a historical black college or university. Also anyone who is majoring in Business or would like to get the stand point of African Americans. Another reason that CAU is a good university to attend is because majority of the teachers are well engaged with their students throughout there matriculation.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person who wants to recieve a good academic education and one who wants opportunities based on their achievements and not the name of their school.


CAU has a diverse student population, it is not limited to just one type of person. We all get along in a cohesive learning enviornment, therefore, there is no type A or type C person that "should" attend this school. It is open and welcoming to anyone of any culture, race, creed, religious background, etc.


A person who wants to be a better person in life and someone who wants nothing but the best. A person that strive for excellence!


I say anyone who has not had the pleasure to learn about REAL African American history, a chance to learn from a black teacher, have thirst for learning and a need for knowledge should attend this college. Someone who can handle a full course load especially if you have my major and teachers. Can get teachers to like you and basically become a teachers pet. Yes I am one.


A person that is out-going who likes to meet new people and likes to try new things and experience new things as far as getting to know a culture or state that someone else is from and some of the things that they do that is different from someone else.




A person who wants the hbcu experince and a bright future. There is no room for laziness and slack at clark atlanta.


Anyone looking forward to learning about the African American culture, anyone who would like to socialize with people that are from different areas of the country, or someone who would like to feel a part of a big family while they are in school.


thoes that are really intrestend in their academic growth


A person who attends Clark Atlanta should be academically motivated, determined, involved socially and in the community and should also be willing to be open to change. Coming from different backgrounds it is important to respect the rights and views of those who differ from your own. At CAU we stand firm by two mottos ?I will Find a Way or Make One? and ?Culture for Service?. Therefore, a student who attends CAU should be creative and driven and should have a love or concern for the community and a wiliness to give back.


I believe people who are open minded and open to learning about the real African American culture should attend Clark Atlanta. This is a Historically Black College/University but enrollment is very diverse. If you like learning in small classroom and being in an active city, then Clark Atlanta is the place for you.