Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone can attend this institution! Clark Atlanta University fits everyone in some sort of way. We have more than a hundred organizations on campus that can connect you to the student body. We also have a wonderful counseling station if you are having a difficult transition. You can also speak to our campus Chaplin and your teachers. The teachers here are like family. The classrooms are small enough for students to have one on one time. Everyone here is very inviting! I would apply here again!


A person who is sociable, focused, and patient.


A person who looks foward to an cultural awareness and mental growth should attend this school. A person who wants to better themselves in society with cultural exposure and is willing to work hard in order to be sucessful in thier careers.


This is a historically black institution so that is an important note to take. If you choose to attend this school you should be open to a lot of new things. You should be very liberal and open minded because there are people of all kinds at this school. You should keep yourself focused on school because you are the only person in charge of your future.