Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Clark Atlanta University?


To attend Clark Atlanta University you should be very outgoing and willing to get involved in extracurricular activities. You cannot be afraid to be a leader and stand up for what you believe in. Clark Atlanta students need to be ready to change the world.


An african amerian student that is looking to better further their education and meet a lot of new people should attend this school.


There isn't a specific type of person that should attend any type of school but there are some things that stands out to people about different schools. Some things that are common at Clark Atlanta University are students who are African-American because this school is an HBCU. Also someone who likes to attend a private school that contains fewer students than most universities.


The kind of person that should attend this college is students that have life skills, who also have a brilliant mind. They shouldn't give in to peer pressure or be the type of person to slack off on any assignment that is given to them. Also they must be willing to learn and good at dealing with balancing assignments and student activites.


Anyone that wants to be excellent and succeed in life should attend. Someone that enjoys tradition.




The type of person to attend Clark Atlanta University is someone who wants personal sucess and change along with community change. Community service is a huge factor in this institution. One of the school's mottos is "Culture for Serive." To be a student you must have that urge to be involved socially. The school encourages everyone to voice their opinion through action rather than verbally. To attend this institution, one should be active in wanting to change something they believe in.


An individual hungry for the knowledge of the African American race and its origin


Clark Atlanta University is a great shcool for students who are interested in Fashion, Public Relations, and Broadcasting. The curriculums for these programs are wonderful and the fact that professionals within the Fashion, Public Relations, and Broadcasting industy often visit our campus gives students an oppurtunity to network and form relationships before starting their carrer.


The kind of person who would attend Clark Atlanta University, is someone who wants to have a career they always wanted. Or a career they will love and enjoy.