Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise myself to have all my paper work filled out ahead of time. Registering for my classes would be the most important thing because classes close fast and I could get all the classes I wanted to take. I would have told myself to make sure to be well prepared to pay for things to be put in my dorm as far as disinfectants and food to be put in there in case the cafeteria closed or the courses I take overlap with the eating times. i would tell myself to set up a time management for all my classes and my work time. I would tell myself to study harder and be prepared at all time when going to class because the teacher will call me out if i am not.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to make sure that I take the opportunities that I have earned seriously. I would tell myself that when I enter college try not to get too involved with the unnecessary distractions that would be heavy on campus. I most certainly would say to not forget the reason why I am attending college and that is to make a better life for myself and my family. I would also say that college can be a tough transition if you tend to enter with an attitude thinking that it would be easy, because I would be setting myself up for failure. College is not easy; it is a challenge and you have to be ready for any obstacles that may come ahead. Lastly, I would tell myself to enjoy the rest of my high school year because once I have graduated this is when real life begins!


As a college freshman, there is so much that I wish I knew before becoming a college students. There is so much there was to consider, but I procrastinated. If I were to go back in time and talk to myself, I would give myself prominent information that I find very helpful now that I have started college. As the speaker, I would tell the senior to try to get a part-time job and save the money because there are many costs of college that financial aid and your parents will not be able to cover. Secondly, I would mention the fact that all of the important deadlines should be met, as far as financial aid and college applications. Additionally, visiting the college and its campus before making the ultimate decision because all colleges are not like the images that are shown in the brochures. I would last mention that the senior apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible.


If I had an opportunity to go back in time and have a conversation with my High School senior self, I would tell him that during the summer make sure everything is in order so you have nothing to worry about when you arrive to school. Also I would tell him that, you may think that going to college means freedom from the parents, but in all actuality you miss them more than ever when you least expect it. I would give the same advice my mother gave me at my graduation, she said to be ready for anything and to embrace the people around you because they are your family for the next four long, stressfull and most amazing years of your life. And finally I would remind him of why he is going to college, no to party and sleep all day, but to develop the skills neededto start your career and have the opportunity to change the lives of many.


I would start off by saying college can be the best and worst experience you'll ever come upon. Don't get caught up in the hype because your main goal for attending college is to receive the best education your money can buy. Don't take those Advanced Placement courses for granted because they'll save you money. Try your hardest in all of your classes because the competition for scholarships are tough. College is expensive and you don't want your money to go to waste. Focusing on your school work is high school and college is the key tp being successful in life. Face it, you're plan on attending college is to receive the information you need to earn a high paying career you enjoy and live a comfortable life. The only way to do that is to succeed. It's easy tp get distracted, but it takes a strong-willed person to stray away from temptation and put their priorities first. Your education should be your number one priority. Do well in high school and then college. You can have fun on the road to success, but ultimately it's work first; play later.


I was 18 years young, and was entering a new phase. I received a full tuition based scholarship and a couple of smaller grants, and thought that attending school in Atlanta, Georgia envoked in me a spirit of boundlessness. Yet had I known then that college was the beginning of character growth, I would have approached the endeavor differently. In my three almost four years of attendance, my will was tested and my ambitions manipulated and crushed several times over. I partied late, studied early, and skated by in core classes with procrastination and cramming. Although I received acceptable grades, my study habits had not developed and once I got to my major classes, I struggled to just get C's and B's. Additionally, I had a near full time job and was competing on the track team. Splitting myself to each task drained me, and I felt like I was failing at everything. Knowing now how immature my fearless attitude was when I first enrolled, I would tell my 18 year old self to be humble in times of change; to be attentive to my personal development as the foundation for my academic and career success.


College is the start to your adulthood and being on your own for the very first time. Your eyes are open and you see new things that you weren't exposed to when you were in high school. If I could go back and give myself advice about college I would stress the fact that you have to have your own mind when you get to college and know who you are. Knowing who you are as a person when your in college will keep you grounded as a person. Many people will try to influence you to do many things that you have never done before and your parents are no longer around to keep reminding you not to do something. Also set your goals before you leave home because going through college and being unsure of what you want to do is not good at all. You are paying for your education and you want to get the best out of it and being unsure will waste a lot of your time and will delay you from graduating on time.Overall the college experience is great because I know who I am and I have goals.


Don't let your parents decided your future. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MAJOR TO BUSINESS OR ANYTHING ELSE, STAY WITH RADIO/TELEVISION/FILM WITH A CONCENTRATION IN FILM AS A MAJOR. It is your life and you will be the one who has to live with this decision. I know you are scared and are a little unsure of what it is that you have been called to do and what is your gift, but that is a part of being human and it's only natural. Remember to pray and keep a close relationship with the Lord and He will continue to direct your path even when you stray away. Remember whose you are and that no matter what you are doing His work and using what He has blessed you with. If you try and do anything else you will not be happy and it will not fit who you are as a person. You are a person of the arts and have always been a person of the arts. REMEMBER THE PLAY THAT YOUR SISTER AND YOU PUT ON FOR AUNT MARYLAND, that was the forshadowing moment of who you are and your life to come.


Well if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself to work harder on my school and look much harder for scholarships for college. I would also have told myself to fill out my FAFSA form earlier in the year so that I would have had a better chance at getting more money for school. I also would have told myself to have been much more hands on with my paperwork and try to be more involved with activities and things that would benefit me for college, wether they were threw my high school or not. I would have told my self to look for many oppurnities that might have helped my transition and preparation for college easier and less stressful. Most importantly I would have told my self to try to be much more independent and do things on my own that would have helped me become much more prepared for going to an out of state college miles away from family and friends that have helped you with everything.


The advice I would give myself is to take honor or AP classes senior year instead of taking an easy class. The harder courses would make the transition into college easier because I would already know what to expect from a college-level class regarding workload. I would also tell myself to become more independent and to develop time management skills.


If I could go back in time and give my past self advice about college it would be the simple phrase ?lead by faith not by sight?. There is a scripture in the bible that says ?I tell you the truth, if you have faith as a small mustard seed, you can move this mountain"(Bible, Matthew 17:20). This verse perfectly describes the power that faith has had in my life during the times that I was trying get into a good college and throughout my college life. I carried that faith with me through the good times and through the bad times. I even gave some of that faith to my college friends who struggled with coming back to school because of their financial situation. It is because of faith that I am where I am right now and it is faith that will lead me to my future goals in life. I would also tell the past me to have fun while you?re young and that life is a learning experience in its own. For it is only through mistakes, hurt, and pain that we become stronger individuals. Good Luck past Me!


If I could go back in time and advise myself on the transition from high school to college, I would emphasize the importance of time management. Time management was something that I had to immediately train myself to do because the seven courses that I take in college are much more different from the courses that I took in high school. My classes are much more difficult and my professors don't police me on assignments as my teachers would in high school. While I spent my time in the past I would also advise myself to get a daily planner and set reminders of what needed to be done and upcoming due dates and school events. I would also explain to myself that I dont have to be a total hermit and not have fun, but to know when i need to stay in and study.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself some valuable advice. I would tell myself to take many ACT prep courses and participate in more college prep programs. Also, I would tell myself to save as much money as I possibly could and to complete many more scholarship applications. I would also tell myself to continue being a nice, respectable young lady. The most important thing I would tell myself is to always remember the morals and values that my mother instilled in me.


When I was a senior I got advice from different people about their college lives but it would not always be the same unless you experienced it yourself. Just going back to giving myself advice as a senior, the main thing would just be to remain focus, get good grades, and maintain a good financial status. Just for the first semester, I realized how the finances were expensive and needed to be paid to get enroll. I would say that taking out too many loans or a loan with substantial amount would come back at the end when you would have to pay it back so I would try to continue applying for grants and scholarships. With applying, you would majority need good grade point average, so remaining focused on school things would be better for college.


If I could go back and give myself advice on making the transition into college, I would tell myself that going to the six week summer program in which I lived on a college campus would really help me once I got into college because I would already have a glimpse of what to expect. I would also give myself the advice of saving more money and applying for more scholarships. Most importantly, develop better study skills and habits to help me do good at the college level. Also, to learn to use positive problem resolution skills because you have to think rationally at college institutions in order to avoid serious problems. I would tell myself to learn to take initiative because in college you're competing with everyone for the top jobs, internships, and or positions. Lastly, I would tell myself to do your best, never give up, and do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it.


I would tell myself that I need to stay focused and I need to plan ahead for the future and not just live in the moment. There is too much money being spent for me to just be hanging out. Also I shouldn't let myself get influenced by things that I alrady know are wrong (drinking,smoking, etc...). I should make sure that all of my paper work is handled at the begining of the semester and I should not be in a rush to grow up. Living off campus can be a great feeling but it's a financial burden.


If I could go back in time and talk to yself as a high school senior I would give myself plenty of advice. Being in college is alot different from being in high school so I would tell myself exactly what to expect from teachers, peers, and admistration. I would also encourage myself to consistently apply for different scholarships, and to learn how to budget my money. I would also say to use my time wisely ad make sure that my priorities are put first, and to not rely on other people to get things that I need done. I would tell myself to take control of my work ethic and overall be consist and stay focused.




As a high school senior, I was not concerned with the real challenges of college. I would tell myself not only to mentally prepare myself for leaving home, but also to concern myself for the financial realm of school. I would have been more scholarship conscious because receiving scholarships as a college student is very rare. I also would have prepared myself for the sudden independence and to learn to be more flexible. As a college student compromises and collaborations are extremely common. Good relationships with each other are an important key to surviving. By maintaining flexibility you are exposed to a whole new outlook maintaining life with what little we have. I would also tell prepare myself for the worst. It is hard to be disappointed when you have prepared yourself for every situation. In college there are a lot of situations that occur and that to be prepared would make my college transition so much easier.


I would tell myself to be careful when going away to college. I would tell myself to use money wisely, to study more and not to procrastinate because it would cause problems in the long run.


Don't have sex. As a senior i got prregnant with my son, and its had trying to take care of him and pay tuition. I would also say look for as many scholorships and grants as you can ahead of time don't wait until your in college to start looking. Don't mess around your first semester. Do the work and not be lazy.


I know you like to have fun but listen up its time to buckle down. When you first get to school there's going to be A LOT of things going on at campus that could easily distract you. There'll be parties, activities, clubs, and of course guys, but its vital that you prioritize, and manage your time wisely. No partying during the week, thats why theres weekENDS. Don't put off any work, no matter how much time you have to complete the assignment, next thing you know its due and you haven't even started. YOU ARE NOT a morning person so make sure to schedule your classes accordingly. You also DO NOT have Insomnia, set a time to go to bed and stick to it, promise it will work. Financial Aid is not fun nor easy, start looking into scholarships, and co-signers (just in case). Community Service is great , keep it up and get as many hours as possible. Take notes in class and focus, its not high school anymore the teachers won't tell you when your missing work. Keep in touch with family (they'll miss you). Ramen Noodles= Your New Best Friend


If I could go back into time, I would tell myself to apply for loans since thats the only thing i could do in order to pay for college. Also I would strongly advise myself to cut down the partying to a minimum because a lot of college kids get caught up in the social life and end up dropping out or failing out of school. I had to learn the hard way by being put on academic warning but by the grace of god one of my grades were posted late and it was high enough to place me back in good academic standing. My spring semester I have to work twice as ahrd to bring my GPA up so I wouldn't let all the freedom get to my head since in college all it really is around is a lot of negative things that gets young adults hooked onto heavy narcotics and a lot of sexual transmitted infections are rising in the college atmosphere. The last but definitely not least I would stress to myself that you pay thirty thousand dollars a year and that shouldn't be taken lightly get your money's worth .


If I were still a high school senior advice for myself would to be prepared for what college has in store for me like the deadlines for everything. I would make sure I know a lot more about the surrounding area where my school is located. I would make sure that I do everything in my power to not party hard and get a GPA 3.0 so that I can apply for more scholarships and things like that. I would learn about what my school does to help people in my situation to stay in school. I would keep tell myself to be organize and stay focus for graduation.


The first piece of advice that I would give myself with the knowledge that I have acquired in the year and a half I have been in college would be do not be afraid to succeed. Success is an important factor of life and I would tell myself to not be afraid of my goals but to conquer those goals head on. I would tell myself to be organized and knowledgably about what you do now because it can determine where you go in life, and never give up on my dreams.


If I could return to the past, I would not put so much pressure on myself to apply to college and have everything together and ready to go so quicly. I say that because I would really need to sit down and weigh all my options thoroughly even though back then I felt I had the answer to any question that was thrown at me about my college plans. Now that I have done the college thing it has me wondering if I made the right choices in my college selection. Not just because of the college or the tuition cost but because I am missing out on some of the things that would have been provided if I had done things a little differently. Since I decided to attend college out of state, nine hours away from home, I am missing out on being able to come home when I do not feel like being at school. I felt like goig out of state was the only choice as I am a fashion major. I rushed to put myself into debt. yes it is an investment but at what cost. I just ask that you think and choose wisely.


If i could go back to my self while i was in high school the advice i would say take a foreign language so that you could apply to any four-year school so that you wouldnt have to stop and transfer school throw the year. I would also tell my self appy yourself in ever subject and study hard make good grade because that what school are going look at, save money because there going be a lot of thing your going need for class and pick a major that you like and dont let people get to you .


Take your time and do not rush to graduate.


There's three steps in to transitioning from high school to college. One is to read one or more of the books on the first year of college and getting ready for freshman year. Two, many colleges will offer study courses or student-success courses your first semester or during summer orientation. I highly recommend you take a course like this. Third, do an honest self-appraisal of your strengths, weaknesses, and goals for your first year of college. What areas do you think you might struggle with? What are your stressors? How might you deal with those stressful times? Thinking these things through and coming up with a game plan for yourself is one of the best ways to manage your future. There will be many temptations in college which can get you off course, but if you keep true to the golden rule of all things in moderation, you'll make life as easy as possible.


Save your money from your summer job, you're definitely going to need it for school. Read and study throughout the year it'll keep you on point.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself my senior year in high school I would give myself advice on scholarships, to take advantage of them because they will become helpful while in college. Also, I would advice myself to make friends, become social, it makes the transaction much more easier when you have new people in your life. Tell myself that not everyone will be your friend some will just be individuals that you meet, others will be just classmates but then you will have a few that will become friends for life. Last get active in the school, get known by the upper classmen and the faculty and staff. Show them that your are an outstanding individual that is ready to learn and is willing to learn. I would tell myself to get ready to have the best and worst time of your life.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I now in life. The advice I would give myself is to explore all possiblies, and be aware that college is a time you really discover who you are.


If I were a high school and could go back in time as to talk to myself as a present day high school senior, I would first emphasis how important it is to stay focus and learn as much as I could during my matriculation in high school. Another thing I would tell myself is to make sure that you sign up for as many scholarships and grants as possible because the economy now a days is not as well as it has been in previous years. I would also tell myself to sign up for as many colleges and universities as you can because it is important to have options when choosing what college/university you would like to attend to get a degree. Also, have an idea of what you would like to do or have as a major because this will help you with choosen your college/university. The last thing I would tell myself is to be open minded now and participate in as many activities as possible and high school so that you will have an idea of what you would like to do in college, plus this would look good on your college application.


i would tell myself that it is very easy to get distracted, no matter what stay focused and always go to class. get help with your work because it makes it as twice as hard tryin to do things by yourself. you will have alot of free time so time management is key to your succes here on campus. hang around people that do their work so you can feed off of each other and continue to push each other to getting what you have to do done. there is always gooing to be parties and other fun stuff to do, so dont worry about missin out because you have an essay or project to do, get your work done. work now play later!!


make sure you know what you want to do before you get there have all you funds together. make sure you are ready to be on your own.


Adive i would give parents and/or Student about finding the right college and making the most of their college experience is to first make sure that they are financial stable or that they have found a collge that gives out ample amounts of financial aid! A college that is paid for will make for a better experience!


The advice I would give to incoming college students and their parents would be to visit the school and it's area first. Go out to popular resturants, malls, grocery stores and parks in the area. This way you can get a feel of the people that will be living in your community and get familair with the area for your own knowing. Also by visiting, you can hope to meet a few current college students their who can relay some advice and also tell of their experiences at the school. Just to visit the school before attending would be the best advice of all. Look at the dorms or on-campus apartments you may like to live in. Get to know what you are getting yourself into. Be aware of your new life style!


I would tell incoming freshman to look for a school that you will have fun at but also achieve academically. You have to go into college as a maturing adult and come out a matured adult with that degree. Peer pressure can be tough especially if you are away from home but you have to have your head on straight, HAVE FUN but be SUCCESSFUL!!!!


Look for a college that speaks to your personality and being. Do not look for a school that is going to transform you into a different person but rather a place that will give you incentive to work harder and better yourself. The most important college experience is the networking advantage and all the people that you come into contact with , it is amazing .


Make sure that you narrow down your search to about five colleges and then take time off to visit them. Make a list of all of the questions you want to be answered before you begin the visits, and don't be afriad to ask them. Also while you on the visits, talk to actual students. Ask them how they like it and what are the pros and cons of the college. You should also check out the areas surrounding the colleges.


Finding the right college and making the most of your college experiences takes planning, knowing the students personality, and as well as comfort zone. Making sure a student is comfortable on his or her campus is one main keys to sucess, as well as planning ahead, to give a student time to visit as well as get a feel for there potential university. When a student is comfortable with there surroundings at school it gives them the strength to proceed and do well while obtaining a college degree' which is when they will recieve the most out of there college experience.


Do not base which college you go to upon how far or close it is to home. Or even if one school gives you more monry then another because you may find yourself in a situation where you hate your school. Actually visit the school get a feel for it and see if its the right place for you.


Be sure to go with your child to the school, stay longer than the tour provides and always go during the school year, sit in on a class and meet the head of the department in your major. Think of meeting the head not as a "brown nosing" situation but more so as a comferting oppertunity. Also, if you are goin to be on Finaicial aid ensure your things are in order i.e. Turning in your FASFA on time completely filled out and calling the school to find out about your Award letter if you still havent recieved it. Good Luck!


If I had to give a family advice about picking out the right school and making the most of the college experience, I would tell them to think smart and make sure their child stays on campus. I chose to go to a school I knew I could not afford, but I wanted to go there so bad, and now I am 30,000 dollars in debt, just for the first year. I did not think smart at all, so next year in the fall I am going to have to attend another school that is way cheaper. So I would tell them please plan out everything and don?t just jump straight in because that?s what you want or your child wants to be, unless you can actually afford it. I would also recommend that staying on campus is the way to go. It is a great college experience being in the dorms and a great way to meet new people. Most people that live off campus aren?t really involved and miss all the fun things that happen on campus. I just believe that it is an experience one will never regret no matter where one goes.


I would say to them when searching, look into thier prospective major and see how well the program is and how interactive it is. Along with that, see how the atmosphere is first to see if your comfortable with the setting. It is also imperitive to know if the school is empowerinf students to succeed or just letting them go with the flow.


Take it from me, (someone with experience) apply every single day for as many scholarships as possible. The cost of attendance at most Universities are too much for people to afford; expecially with the economy as bad as it is now. I can not continue to afford to pay for school without help from outside sources such as this scholarship. When applying for school, please make sure you can afford it, try to stay away from loans, and make sure the education is worth the cost. Thank You!


Finding the right college is not an easy process, nor is it dependant upon one particular characteristic of a school. The choice for an institution of higher learning should be based upon if the student wants to attend a large or small school, public or private, and if they want to stay in state or travel. Along with that scholarships from each school, and outside scholarships must be considered. It is also very important to visit each school that is being considered, and to try to meet students that already attend the institution to get a better idea of if this is a good fit for both the parent and student. A parent should not send, neither should a student attend a school that they do not feel 100 percent comfortable with. Finally, choose a school that is affordable. If both the parents and student are over worried about paying for the education the the expierence will not be as well lived out. At the same time do not let the cost of attendance over rule the choice of another institution.


When giving advice to parents and/or students about finding the right college, I tell them to let the student stay somewhat near home and make sure it?s affordable. Becoming a mature and responsible adult is something learned through college experience. Making the smart and correct choices become more important than ever before. Many students get to college and do not know how to deal with the freedom they have obtained. That allows many students to go down the wrong paths and make the wrong decisions. Growing up is a part of life and always being at home does not help with the growth process. However, being too far could be a downfall. Also, being able to pay for the school chose is very important. When the school is affordable, it makes learning a lot less stressful, the financial aid process quicker, and being in future debt is less likely. Many people get caught up in loans because it seems so easy at the time and could be paying them back 5 to 8 years after they have received their degrees. To conclude, making the most of a college experience is up to YOU! BE AN INDIVIDUAL!


When choosing the right college, students and parents must take a few things into consideration. The most important part of this process is finding out which desired school offers you the most money for their education. The lower the amount of money that comes out of your pocket, the happier you will be. Another way to evaluate which college is perfect for you is to visit the campus. Ask yourself these important questions: -Is the campus big/small enough for your accommodation? -Is it too far away from home? -Do the students seem to accept me? -How does the campus look? Also the student should speak to already enrolled students, ask them about teachers and on-campus life. Once you get to college it is important to make the most of the experience. Ways to make the college experience one of the best include: -Attend the events that students and faculty have on campus. -Be open-minded. -Join clubs and groups in order to meet new people. -MOST IMPORTANTLY put your education first! In other words, work as hard as you can in class and do not slack. By doing these things you will have the best college experience ever.


Fill out the FAFSA report as soon as possible in order to get financial aid settled as easily as possible. Don't attend a school that you believe you will have a significant amount of debt after graduation. Ask the school about career fairs and placement centers. Utilize the library; great resources and plenty of space! Enjoy college, don't let people ruin the experience and keep an open mind. Explore and try new things because you never know what you may end up liking. Attend class regularly and save your work, just to stay ahead of the game and achieve highly. Make friends! Set your GPA high freshman year so just in case a semester doesn't go as planned you won't have a hard fall and an even tougher time getting back up. SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH! Apply as often as you can, don't give up.