Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University is the cost to attend. It cost about $19,000 for tuition and about $9,000 for room and board. The university is a wonderful environment that includes staff and administration that want all of the students to excel in life. In class, I have learned so much about the history of the school and all of the inspirational people that graduated here. I am truly thankful for being able to take in the knowledge here at this HBCU. The cost is the only downside to attending CAU.


The most frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University is the amount of events that the University requires freshmen students to attend. Events can sometimes get too crowded and unorganized.


The most frustrating thing at Clark Atlanta University is that there isn't that much racial diversity and that there isn't any partying going on on-campus, but you have to go out of campus to have fun.


There is no frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University. My institution will prepare you for the real world while you make life-long friends, build relationships with faculty, and network in the Atlanta area. College is what you make it, so always remember to stay positive and to make a name for yourself, because people at Clark Atlanta are always watching.


For many students one of the most frustrating things about Clark Atlanta University would be the amount of time it takes to recieve their refund checks. Another complaint I am not a strnger to would be the little known knowledge of where students tuition money is really going to. Paying a little over $34,000 a year should come with better quality services.


Sometimes, financial aid can be fustrating.


The Financial Aid line is very frustrating when the semester begins and ends.


The most frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University is being able to afford its education. CAU is a very expensive school and it feels almost impossible to pay for it.


The most frustrating thing about my schools is the lack of finacial help for students really in need and the lack of determination of the workers in the retention and student accounts office. You have to be on top of your work and follow up on your money and scholarships because noone else will do it for you. You have to be responsible.


The most frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University is the cost is about $35,000 a year and I love the school and it is great for my major (biology), but the cost is extremely too much for my mother and I have already taken out too many loans that I will be paying back forever and I am only in my sophomore year. I hope to continue my matriculation at Clark Atlanta University, so I habe to do all that I can to afford the overwhelming cost of attendence.


The most frustrating thing about my school is some of the professors.


My school can be a little unorganized.


The most frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University is that they are not funded with enough money to award each and every deserving student a scholarship.


The most frustrating thing about my school is registering for classes. When time comes around to register for classes you have to visit your academic adivsor, then go to student accounts to remove holds. This process becomes extremly tiresome when you are given the run around. If I was able to just go to my academic advisor and complete my class registrations, I would be able to complete this process withing a day. It currently takes two to three days just to register for classes and the is just absurd.


financial aid


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the long waits in the financial aid office.


The most frustrating the about Clark Atlanta University is the cafeteria food. The meals are extremely repetitive. It's a waste of money to get a meal plan because I constantly spend money on fast food.


Making sure you have to the proper funding for school and making sure you keep your grades up


financial aid,


they can get unorganized sometime when it comes to money


At Clark Atlanta University, the only frustrating thing about this post-secondary insitution is that foreign teacher can barely pronounce a term accurately and students have to wonder what is the professor pronouncing.


I love my university! The only frustrrating thing about my institution are all of the great organizations that are available and I can not participate in all of them!


Although Clark Atlanta is a wonderful university, the financial aid process is very frustrating. I would advise students to apply to as many scholarships as they can, and start the financial aid process as early as possible.


The most frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University is the financial Aid office.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that often times students wait until the last minute to take care of financial issues. This becomes a problem for students with small financial aid issues that need assistance at the start of the semester.


The most frustrating thing about mu undergrad was registering for class at the time the process was manual and required students to stand in long lines and go from building to complete the process. Technology was limited. We actually had to meet with advisors and professors face to face to plan and address concerns other than using the computer.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that our financial aid department. Its seems like the only way a student can get them to help is if that student goes to the president of the institution or if the students expresses their frustration in undescribable ways.


The most frustration thing about my school is the cost. Clark Atlanta is a wonderful school and I love being here but since it's a private school it cost more than public schools. Finding ways to pay for my education can be very frustrating but once I graduate it will all be worth it.


The most frustrating thing about CAU is the staff memebers. Not the teachers but, the Administration offices. They never return your call until three days later and some don't even bother to call back. They also have attitude problems and their unorganized.


the financial aid process


There isn't anythig that frustrates me surprisingly.


Well if i had to chos. It would be financial aid, and their lack of organization. People spend numerous hours in finanical aid before the semester starts. The most fustrating thing is the whole process of enrollment.


Honestly, nothing has been frustrating to me at my university. I have only completed one semester here and it went smoothly. A big part of why I haven't found anything frustrating could be that I make sure I do everything I need to do ahead of time, so that I don't become rushed to do something.


The most frustrating thing about my school is sometimes things seem to be unorganized. It took me 13 hours once to see the finacial aid adviser. when you talk to some one they tell you one thing then somebody else is telling you something different..The school needs some type of organization.


The most frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University is the financial aid office, even though very school have there problems I feel that they can really do more to help the students.


Students come to Atlanta and feed into the hype, too many people fail their freshman year.


People who misrepresent their institution. You are a picture of your school


The cost of attendance and the rude staff members.


The most frustrating things about my school is the tuition. Financial aid only gives me approximately $6,000 of a $30,000 tuition. While in the financial aid office, it is very frustrating to walk away from an advisor and know I'm not financially enrolled because my mother can not get approved for any loans and I don't have enough credit to get one.


the weather


There are very few way to get financial aid outside of federal aid. Since this is private school, need additional private loans to be able to pay for full 15 units.


Sometimes, its fustrating to be outnumbered in terms of gender.


The financial aid office, and being able to rely on monies from them before registration period is over.


That it is a whole lot of squirrels that are around the campus and that it is an open campus in the middle of a thrieving neighborhood and sometimes random people just walk around the campus and distract the students while they are on their way to or from classes.


The run around from administration. Financial aid is very limited


Dealing with Financial Aid and others that work in the Administration.


The most frustrating thing about Clark Atlanta University is that of the Financial Aid department. Students depend on the department to help with situations that are hendering them due to scholarships not being processed, or loans being processed to late or even the University's actions of not communicating with students in regards to their financial aid status or taking out loans in the student's name without permisson from the student.


Not being able to get financial aid. Because it is a private school, it already cost a lot of money. Sometimes the school is unorganized and makes it hard for students to get aid. If you dont pay the full amount, classes are dropped. Tuiton is almost 18,000 a year/ 9,000 a semester. That is tuiton alone. There should be more financial aid available for students.


They hardly ever do what they say their going to do, they do things randomly and at inappropriate times. I'm paying all this money and i do not know where it is going to or what the school is doing with it.