Clark Atlanta University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it is friendly . The campus is like a family students and staff get along and respect each other equally.


The best thing about Clark Atlanta University is the class sizes. As a student I was never comfortable sitting in a class with more than 50 students at a times. At Clark Atlanta Universiy class sizes are small, which makes classroom settings more personal. Students are able to have a personal relationships with prpfessors.


This is my first year coming in so, I can't really say . What really interest me about them was their motto. "Make a way or I'll find one".


its small so it aloows for more one on one time between students and professors


The best thing about my school, is that everyone here seems to have a goal and they all have different ways in achieving it. The school may be an prodiminately black school, but it so diverse in many different ways.


The campus livliness because the campus is never dead and is always loud and obnoxious.


What I like about my school is the morals and core values they instill in us. Your motto is: " I'll find a way or make one" so there is no excuse for failure. In addtion to that they always encourage us to give back to the community.


Clark Atlanta University is a very prestigoius institution. I admire several aspects of my school. If I had to choose the best thing about my institution, it would be the diversity among all the students. Although we are an Historically Black College or Insitution, students from all over the country attend this school. I have met people from various states who have different cultures than I do. This allows me to get a feel of what the rest of the world around me is like.


The best thing that about my school is the class sizes. The reason why is because every student get the attention and help needed.


I like how everybody at the school is somewhat friendly, and comes from all of the world to attend the school.


I would say the psychology department and counseling center.


The best thing about my school would have to be the professors. They are willing to take out extra time to help anyone who is willing to ask for it. More specifically, my professors worked with me to help me compete three weeks of work that I had missed due to me getting enrolled late. The professors are strict when it comes to their work and class time but they also know that things happen in life and they don't mind working with you.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the familiar atmosphere because as a freshman away from home it was important for me to feel like I belonged and was safe.


The best thing about my school is the different opportunities they have on campus. This school has a lot of history, which I never knew about. If you ever get the chance to visit this school during open house, you won’t regret it. The staff here is amazing. They are helpful, consistent, and they are there when you need them. When you attend Clark Atlanta University you are attending a whole new world. A place where everyone is warm and understanding. I’m happy I chose this school and can’t wait to start my sophomore year here.


Though Clark Atlanta University has many positive attributes, the best thing about CAU is the traditions and legacy that comes with being a student here. From the beginning of orientation, even through the classes which you take. The school offers a strong stance on the history behind CAU. I see it everyday walking through campus. The pride that each student shows just being here is evident each and every day.


Knowledge is power. Education offers a means to learn and speak a different language in our society and acts as a platform to assist with guiing individuals with a foundation to live the full expression of his/her greatest potential. Education or going to school elevates your intellect and helps polish skills and helps a person gain diverse insights.


The best thing abous CAU is the fact that the teachers are so close to the students. It makes the students feel a comfort when in class, we feel comfortable enough to ask question and get help from our teachers with out feeling any type of embarrassment.


The best thing about Clark Atlanta University is their ablity to care about the well being of the whole student. CAU focuses on making sure students understand the importance of having balance within their life. CAU students are taught how to manage education, social, community, and spirtual elements while attending CAU. They want to make ensure CAU students leave having an understanding of the importance of balance throughout their duration at CAU and for the rest of their life.


The fraternity and sorority life is very active on campus and parties occur often. The professors are very diverse and really seem to care for most students and attempt to help certain students pass.


The best thing about my school is how interactive the staff is with the students. Professors are so easily to get in contact with whenever a student is having trouble with something. The dean, provost, president, etc help make the University better in providing programs that help us with our studies and learn about different things that benefit us. The students are willing to work with each other to help build the schools reputation and make our learning standars higher.


The best thing that I consider about Clark Atlanta University is the diversity. Even though I attend a Historically Black College University students come from all around the world. It is not just African Americans. I consider the diversity the best thing about my school because it gives you a chance to learn about different backgrounds. Being so diverse I am able to learn the beliefs and thoughts of other individuals. Thus letting me become open-minded to the world around me, and Clark Atlanta University is the best place for me to learn that.


The teachers. There are great teachers who are always willing to help and form relationships with their students.


The best thing is being able to get free items and to meet celebrities.


I believe the best thing about my school is our motto "Find a way or make one".I think this is the best thing about my school because whenever any student has a difficult time doing anything whether school,or social life we rememeber this motto and it helps us find our way out of a certain situation we may be in.


while getting an education at Clark Atlanta you can also have fun. The best thing about my school would have to be the athletic events you can feel the love at each sporting event.


The Business School truly prepares us for a future in Corporate America. From the group presentations, to the mock interviews and most importantly the intense course work prepares us for post-graduation.


the experience of the staff.


The best thing about my school so far is the education and how the teachers will work with you on different things if you are struggling. Many people usuaully go to a school because of the area or the friends they have that are going there but I chose Clark Atlanta University because of the rank that thier School of Education is very high. They make sure that you understand everything that they are teaching before they move on and many teachers want you to pass so they would change their schedule to fit yours if need be.


The best thing about my institution are the many career opportunities that the students are exposed to everyday! The influential people in Atlanta are always willing to speak and newtwork with the students at my illustrious university!


The best thing(s) about my school are the many career opportunities and networking experiences we are exposed to!


The best thing about Clark is it’s a historically black college. HBCU's give a different perception on how to view and live life. In schools that I attended, black history was only taught during black history month. So to go to a college where learning is based around history of African Americans is interesting. I’ve taken on the motto, “You don’t know your future if you don’t know your past.” Without knowing history of my people, I won’t know how to live my future; because I’m attending Clark Atlanta University I know both.


The best thing about my school, Clark Atlanta University is that along with the acidemic perspective of school to do well, we are also expected to be able to deal with many different people and become socially capiable of handling and dealing with others in the "real world". I know that when i leave here i will be a well-rounded individual.


Band. I'm in band now and i love it. If you have a passion for music or you're a music major then this is the right sport for you.


he best thing about my school is the courses


I consider my classes the best thing about my school because all of my teachers are fun and interesting and keep my attention 24/7, I can not honestly say I have been bored in any of my classes.


I consider the small teacher to student ratio the best thing about my school. I learn better in a small atmosphere. Also, the one on one experience that I gain with teachers is a benefit. The teachers know majority of the students' names and it is very easy to talk to them and ask for help with anything.


Ithink it is the history of the school, the business program, and the fact that the school is part of the Atlanta University Center.


The smaller sized classroom settings are the best parts my university.


The best thing about my school would be the social and networking established there since the two top majors are business and mass communication. Because it is located in a major big city, there are numerous companies surrounding my school which aid in finding jobs in your related field and starting careers. Also, it is taught for how to dress, talk, and manage your way through the coorporate world for great success. If nothing else is learned here, it is taught how to communicate and present yourself professionally and well.


The best thing about Clark Atlanta University are the welcoming hands. From orientation to the first day of school all the way to graduation, you feel welcome by the student body and by the administration as a whole. Every walks of life would come together to share the past, and welcome their future with you. I have met the most amazing people, from pastors' sons and daughters to individuals that had to rise themselves. The experiences are priceless.


the culture


I consider the the school community to be the best thing. Everybody is friendly and exibits plent y of school spirit.


The amount of money given to them. Because of that they aren't able to financially take care of students and keep a lot of their staff. Also, because of the money situation it causes a lot of students dreams to be crushed, because they aren't financially able to attend. As well as a lot of programs being shut down, which limits students to the things only available, instead of being diversified.


The best thing about my school is the opportunities. The Career Planning and Placement Center really helps you get prepared for the career path you choose. Also, you have the opportunity to consult with many different aspects of the workforce. Also, the library is most convenient. It's a great place to study, explore, and get done everything that you need to.


The strong history.


I believe the best thing about Clark Atlanta University is the way the students interact with one another. After spending a year there, I left campus with an entirely new family. The students, faculty, and staff all make you feel like you're apart of something greater than just another class.


The best thing about my school is the encouraging atmosphere. When I first arrived there I felt so inspired to be the best and do my best at all times and even at this current time I still feel the same way, striving for excellence.


my school has alot of school spirit and we treat everyone like they are family. i say this because for new students it makes the transition from living with parents much easier and also gives them a sense of belonging.


The best thing about the school is how social events mix with academic events.


the interaction between the people and how friendly everyone is. the administration helps you out when you need guidance. residential apartments are nice.