Clark College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Clark College is best known for their University like education. Most Clark students do transfer to a four year institution to obtain a higher degree. Therefore, the administrators and professors structure the curriculum as a stepping stone to University. They really make sure each student has a strong base and foundation before continuing on. The class sizes are small; allowing more one on one attention between students and professor. Clark also provides its students with additional support, free walk in tutor sessions, tutors in specific areas, and flexible office hours with your professors.


I am not sure what my school is best known for but I feel like my school is best known for their medical, nursing and dental program.


Clark College is unique in the matter of health, fitness, and wellness around campus. They have made a committment to give their students the knowledge and steps to becoming the best person and student they can be. My college has recently made great efforts to offer healthy choices not only in the vending machines around campus, but also in the cafeteria while teaching their students that there are options to eat well while still rushing to class. Clark has also implimented the Healthy Penguin Nation that awards students and alumni for making better choices iwith their health


My school is best known for providing affordable tuition for the working parent that is looking to gain skills for a better future. Clark is located where it can serve both the greater Vancouver area and northern Portland.


My school is known for having a high rate of graduating students every year. The school has many areas of study to get you going in the right direction. It has a beautiful campass many areas to relax and study between classes.