Clark College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about Clark College would be the lack of online class flexibility for students with special situations.


We at Clark College have a very diverse group of white people. There is no diversity of races and cultures, but there is a huge age range of people. I found the Running Start students to be frustrating, because they didn't take college seriously. They would often slack on group projects, leaving me to do the bulk of the work. I know they are just having fun, and are young, but it ruins the college experience for the rest of us.


Clark College only has a few down falls. I believe that the biggest down fall is the simple fact the that community colleges are not highly respected in society. Despite this troubling fact, Clark was shown that a community college can actually be one of the best places to learn.


Nothing is more frustrating then the parking, or lack of parking, at Clark College. Imagine heading to class only to find yourself circling parking lot after parking lot only to find absolutely zero parking spaces available. Your option... either parking eight blocks away or arriving to school thirty minutes early to find a spot. Perhaps I should get involved in the transportation committee to seek out new innovative solutions.


The worst thing about Clark College is the parking. City buses are provided however, the majority of the students drive. When the school was first built it was not designed to accommodate such a large population. Now, over the years as the population increased, the parking situation gets worst. A number of people I know have to come at least an hour before their class begins to look for a parking spot. Those who find a spot on campus are the lucky ones too. There are some like me, who park at the local community center and walk to campus.


The advisors are horrible. They are usually on the defensive and offensive, not at all friendly, and some are no help at all. I have had only one good advisor and Kathleen was wonderful.


Most Universities or Colleges have a more exciting student life. At Clark College there are no dorms or student life such as sports that is very exciting, unless your in the sport. In high school I loved the student life but in Clark College there isn't much of that. Also there is a lot of older people who are attending here to better themselves, which is good, but not an average college campus lifestyle.


Honestly, I have not been going to the school long enough to have a worst thing about it.