Clark College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I'm not sure? People that are just wanting to take classes for fun or wanting to learn something new. People doing running start, and people wanting to finish GED


*I attend Kaplan online and will begin classes at WSU summer/fall 2010. In taking online courses, it is important that students are motivated self-starters. Also, it is important to consider what type of learning style each student is strongest with. Any student that attends an online university must be able to learn well from reading text and interacting with other students, asking as many questions as possible. I will soon begin taking courses at Washington State University while completing my degree with Kaplan. I would only recommend this to students that can maintain a consistent, tight schedule.


A student who is just beginning in college and needs to get some cheap prerequisite credits to transfer to a 4-year university, an older person who would like to update their skills or earn a quick certification, or anyone who is unsure of what they want to pursue and wants to start taking classes to get an idea.


Any person who is serious about getting an education.


I would recommend this school to someone who is just out of high school and is looking to get their prerequisites out of the way. Also, for someone who doesn't have enough money to get through a 4-year University. Clark is a cheap but respectable school.


Anyone could attend Clark., but it's especially good for running start students, people who don't have enough money to afford going to someplace like WSU, and anyone who's interested in furthering their education.


Clark College is the perfect college for the working adult. Many evening classes are offered and all classes transfer over to WSU Vancouver. Clark College also has a couple different satellite campuses.


Any person that wants to get an education of some kind. This would be a good school for parents or people who want to get back on track with their lives. This school is wonderful for those who aren't quite sure what direction to take yet.


The kind of person who should attend Clark College is a determined individual who is serious and dedicated to furthering their education. This kind of person would be here to not only try to get further in their future, but to help others (classmates) get further in their future as well at Clark College. I believe that everyone who does want to go to Clark College to further their education and is serious about it deserves the opportunity to attend.