Clark College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Clark College is that because the school is so big, it can be hard to get plugged in and get information quickly and efficiently. Students really must personally look for ways to get connected with fellow students and take advantage of the events or even start their own clubs and they also must be very proactive in getting advising help right away. There is help available, from professors and other faculty, but students must be willing to work for these opportunities.


I find nothing frustrating about my school at all. I feel like my school is pretty easy going just the way I like it. If I think about it I think I can find a few things such as school being too close to home or having running start students (students who are in high school but may attending the college due to a placement test). That brings me to the placement test which tells you where you are placed and in what class. Sometimes taking the test could be a fluke!


The parking and lines on campus the first few weeks of the quarter. There is way to many students and not enough parking and help for the first few weeks of the quarter.


Because of the enormous student population at Clark and the limited number of classes and class sizes for certain programs it can be difficult to get into certain classes. Human Anatomy and Physiology, for instance, fills up pretty quickly. And if you need the class as a prerequisite it can get pretty frustrating. But the registration system is designed to favor students who have more credits, so if you've been full time for a while you're more likely to get into the classes you need; you just need to have the patience to stick it out.


Not Enough Sexy girls.