Clark University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmares are very involved, open minded, and ambitious.


There is everyone and anyone at Clark University. When you first look from outside it may not seem that way but we have basically any type of person here. There is about a 14% international population and students are gathered mostly from the east coast. Clark does have a Democratic and liberal flair to it, so if you are Republican just know you will not be the majority here but you will still be accepted. We do actually have a Republican club on campus as well as a Democrat, we also have clubs for people from all over with religious organizations to human rights to ethnicity. People tend to be down to earth here, we love meeting new people and seeing what they have to say even if our views may differ.


The thing about Clark is that nobody feels out of place. There's a niche for everybody, and I literally mean everybody. It's amazing how friendly everybody is. Somebody's always there to hold a door for you, show you around when you're lost, or even grab you some water after a crazy weekend night.


My classmates are very enthusiastic, hard working and professional.


My classmates are from all differnt backgrounds and cultures but share a passion of learning and creating lasting friendships.


They/we are B students who could be A students if they cared enough. But Clark allows the students to be more relaxed.


culturally enriched activists


My classmates are active, tolerant people who are aware of the environment and society.




Some are nice - others are not, some are beautiful - others are not, some are atristic - others are not, some are rich - others are not. We actually are diverse.


My classmates vary, while all intelligent they range from those who do not speak in class to those who can tend to talk too much.


The people on my campus are generally friendly and rather liberal. It is easy to find a group to fit into. I find that most of the people I meet are genuiney nice. There are not very many cliques and there is a rather significant international population (almost 8%).


Everyone is so friendly and welcoming to first years students with open arms thus there is no visible tension between classes.