Clark University Top Questions

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Clark University is a truly exceptional school, famous for being one of the Fourty College That Change Lives. Indeed, the student body gives the university an open and diverse feeling. The professors are very passionate about their work, making learning easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, the campus is located in the middle of a working class and poor urban neighborhood, providing the students with a chance to experience that aspect of city life if they have not already, connect their experiences to what they are learning in the classroom, and help make the change they dream of.


It has a very diverse population and it is right in the city of worcester.


I can't really think of that many negative sides to the school. The campus is in Main South which isn't a great part of the city, and it can be hard to get around without a car. They're really good about providing weekend buses and trips to nearby shopping, restaurants, and even Boston which is a relatively close drive. Sometimes the campus seems a bit small and after a while, seeing new faces happens less and less. This is remedied by going to one of the other 13 schools in the consortium.


Clark is very liberal but also very research based. This means there is a lot of great theoretical discussion and critique of pressing issues, but also hands-on research. Students can get involved in research and grant opportunities from the first-year on. The students are much more actively involved with the faculty than at other schools I visited and researched.


More liberal and committed to social change.


The difference between Clark and other schools I considered had to do with the relationship between students and faculty. At other schools when I met with members of the faculty I felt that they had beter things to do with their time than sit there with prospective students. This was not the case at Clark. When I first visited, everyone I came into contact with was very helpful and considerate. Students I passed in the main square were quick to offer directions anywhere on campus, and the professors I met were eager to answer all the questions I had.


This offered a lot of financial aid when I wasn't even from the state. It's also really small compared to most of the other schools I considered.


The surrounding neighborhood makes Clark University unique. It's not a happy-go-lucky suburb, or a trendy city or town, it's poor and needs help. But for that reason there is a lot to learn and be involved in, as well as diversity, great food and restaurants and opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community. I also think that Clark is unique in the fact that there are no sororities or fraternities, I like it that way.