Clark University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The price. It's really the only negative to the school.


Clark University doesn't provide as much financial aid as I need, especially since I live out of state, nor does it offer a wide selection of on campus jobs for its students, and many of the jobs offered are taken by non-work study students. The fitness center is in very poor condition with many of the work out machines coated with rust, as well as there is very little space to work out in. The food at Clark is not the best, which is mainly due to the small selection, and all the additives in their meals.


Its location is awful, in the low-income sector of a city with virtually zero nightlife. Even though we have great ties with Main South, it is extremely dangerous to walk around by yourself at night, or even with friends. I never leave campus, because there's nothing to do downtown, and all of the restaurants on Shrewsbury Street are very expensive. Then I spend all of my weekends at apartment parties, and feel totally trapped on campus.


Weird clothes.


Its in the ghetto, but that also has its benefits sometimes


I recieved very poor advice from my Faculty Advisor. Apparently Clark has no standard training process for advisors, so mine had no clue what they were doing. She never got back to me about doing internships, nor did she tell me that I should get letters or recomendation before I leave the school. I feel like her poor advice has made it much harder for me to get a job.


I would say the worst thing is the cafeteria food and meal plans. There is almost nothing to eat on the weekend and the food isn't always very good. The meal plans are also very inflexible and somewhat expensive, but at least there are some places to eat at or order from near campus.


Sometimes I don't like the community we're surrounded by. For the first two or three years, it's a great community, but as a senior it seems mundane and routine. Worcester is a city, but not large enough for me. Also, it does have a bad reputation, and although it doesn't deserve the reputation, it can be boring sometimes.


NEVER have snow days, even when the snow is really bad! I have a job and its hard to get from school to work if there is snow... I also have friends who commute and its difficult for them to get to school


Sometimes, it can feel a little too small. You get to know everyone. When you meet someone new, you already know everything about them and they know all about you.


I think my school is too small. It's almost suffocating to go here. If you don't like someone you still see them every day; you can't avoid people. If you break up with your significant other, you see them all the time. It feels like there's very little privacy.


The neighborhood can be interesting but a very important learning expierence.


The worst thing about Clark is how little public transportation there is in Worcester, where the school is located. If you don't have a car, it is hard to get around and explore the good things the city has to offer. There isn't much within walking distance.


The inablilty to meet religious needs. Fruther if you are not self motivated to learn or you simply wish to slack off its easy to get away with doing very little. In most classes you can do the bare minimum and do well. Whereas those who work harder or are more academically motivated are left feeling there is very little reason to try so hard.