Clark University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype for Clark is that we all smoke pot excessively, a lot of us are artsy hipsters, we're all really liberal (politics and lifestyle), uhhh white girls with dreads who don't shave, and also that we're also very studious and passionate about our work. We're generally regarded as really good people, if not eccentric and quirky. I find that the stereotypes tend to be a little accurate. This is definitely a pro-weed school, it's not uncommon to walk out on the green and smell it as if someone's doing it out in the open. Doesn't mean campus police won't be on your ass if they're on to you, though. There ARE a lot of "hipster" like people here, and yes the atmosphere here is pretty creative and artsy, even though it's not an art school. The one about girls who don't shave is an obvious lie haha. We ARE overwhelmingly liberal and republicans will definitely feel out of place. As for studies, yes. Everyone here is passionate about what they do, and despite the constant friendly and social atmosphere, when it comes down to it, we have our priorities and will lock ourselves in our rooms for hours to study. We're here to learn, and we love that we're learning, even when it gets stressful.


Clark is like a box of M&Ms in terms of the diversity of people's personalities, backgrounds and cultures. The best part of being here is interacting with the different people and learning from their experiences as well as your own.


Clark is known for it's active role in helping the community and it's atmosphere of volunteering. Most Clarkies are very focused in improving the environment, raising awareness for social causes and pretty much anything that helps the world become a better place.