Clark University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Clark is a tremendous school. I originally attended a place called Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and Clark is far more down to earth. If you are looking to be accepted for who you are and work towards self-betterment then Clark is a great fit. The academia itself is challenging and rigorous, but most of the professors are willing to help you whenever you need it. It is a warm community with strong leadership, and community oriented goals.


Clark University is best suited for students who are motivated academically, interested in learning new things and experiencing new things, and who are looking for a place to be himself/herself. Anyone can go to Clark and love it; he or she just needs to be open to learning about diffferent styles, cultures, and types of people. Clark is the perfect place to be yourself and be anyone you want to be.


Clark is a place for people who are passionate, whether about art, politics, music, science, or poverty. Clark offers a lot of opportunity for its students to get involved and make a difference -- if you have a vision and are motivated, you can achieve a lot at Clark. Clark isn't home to one type of student, but instead a variety of engaged and engaging students.


Open-minded people with a sense of humor.


The type of person who should attend Clark is someone looking for a top notch liberal arts education, as well as a life changing experience. A "Clarkie" is challenged to be intellectual and imaginative. This student will be encouraged to make a difference by becoming involved in community service, environmental issues, social understanding and development. Someone who is looking for a small, intimate school with manageable class size and caring professors would flourish in this school. Most of all, a person who cares not only about their education but how to use it to better society would love it here!


Anyone with an open mind and interest helping others should come to Clark. Students are very involved in the community and interested in bettering the lives of others. Many students have very liberal ideas and are highly environmentally-conscious, but are also open to the opinions and viewpoints of others who may disagree with their ideas. Clark is also very diverse and has a large percentage of international students. American students looking to broaden their cultural awareness should consider Clark, as well as international students looking for a place where they will naturally fit in.


A liberal, open-minded, caring, socially-conscious, and independent individual who wishes to challenges themselves should attend Clark University.


Someone who is unique and likes to think outside of the box should attend Clark University. We pride ourselves on our motto, challange convention, change our world and appreciate learning from others of different backgrounds. We share ideas about our own views on life; religion, politics, the meaning of life, human rights, etc. If you have a curiosity and passion for learning Clark would be a great place for you! There is no typical Clarkie but an almost universal trait is friendliness and openess to new ideas and opinions.


Someone who is open to new ideas, new way of thinking, etc. This school is very culturally diverse and liberal, therefore there is very high tolerance to all types of people. Clark is also a research-based university and emphasizes academics and learning, so someone who challenges conventional ways of thinking is encouraged.


The type of person who should attend Clark is a educated student who is rather serious about their academics, but also as serious about having fun and helping out the community. The girl to guy ratio is almost 2:1. We are definitely more liberal than conservative, but the type of person who should come here just should be ready to live a great college experience.


The ideal applicatnt to Clark should be smart, open to new things, socially and politically active and aware, and interested in learning outside of the classroom.