Clark University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Arrogance, bigotry, self-entitlement, and close-mindedness are examples of unacceptable qualities here at Clark. This campus is very liberal and accepting to anyone who is well, liberal and accepting. That being said, someone who shouldn't come here is a kind of person who is judgemental, unwilling to challenge convention, and allows prejudicial stereotypes to flourish; this person will get torn apart.


Xenophobic or uptight people.


People should not attend Clark if they do not want learn and be around good people.


People who are strong headed and try to be "popular" or "cool." Here, friends are made based on personal values and likes and dislikes. Status or where you come from doesn't really matter.


No one. Everyone is welcome and accepted at Clark. We have all different kinds of people. There are athletes, hippies, intellectuals, dancers, singers, artists, scientists and many more. But the best aspect of life at my school is that there is no one box or label that one person is bound to. You can be an athletic hippie and an artistic scientist. No one is going to make you fit in only one box. You can inhabit many.


Everyone can attend Clark. The student body is accepting of all kinds of students, and anyone can find activities to participate in no matter what their interests.




I have ADD. I have always received accomodations for academics. At Clark, I work with several advisors and a private tutor. These people work hard to help me succeed at Clark. Some of my accomodations are met; others are not. I love Clark, but feel that there may be better options for students with learning disabilities. There are colleges that have bulit in special programming to teach students with disabilities how to make it through college. At Clark, I need to advocate for myself all of the time. For someone with ADD, this can become difficult and overwhelming.


People with conservative political views


Clark is a very open and accepting school. One of the big phrases students hear during orientation is "Categorizing people is not something we do here." People here are incredibly diverse. There are students from many different backgrounds. People who are not accepting of differences in others and are used to degrading others because of differences should not attend this school. This si also not a school for people who are looking to get lost in the back of a lecture hall. This is not a school where you can coast by. Clark students are dedicated to their academics.