Clark University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that it is okay to come to school with no idea what major you want to pursue. I tried to force myself into a tiny little "biochemistry" box and so I took a heavy science course load. A few weeks in, I realized I was really passionate about political science. College is an amazing opportunity to explore interests and passions and I wish I had known that not knowing right away is okay.


I wish I knew that I should have put more time into considering the surrounding area. Clark is located in the worst part of Worcester; I can only describe it as crime-ridden, underdeveloped, and dejected.


What I want to do.


I wish I had known more of what the transition to college in general would be like. I am very close to my family and was very nervous about going to college. I wasn't sure how I'd fair being all alone in a place where I didn't know anyone, but Clark made it easy to make new friends. Participating in different clubs and activities made it a lot easier to meet people who shared my interests.


I wish I had known more about what the city of Worcester was like.


ITS price keeps going up- I wish I knew how unhelpful financial aid and academic services are- also wher the fuck does all the money go? I pay too much to go there- wish i had figured that out faster


That it is like many other liberal arts schools that I looked at in terms of academics and general feeling, but offers an important cultural perspective of living in Worcester. I am very glad that I chose Clark because I feel I have gotten a great education here, but what I value most is what happened more by coincidence (for instance, the friendships I've made).


Nothing, I had a pretty fair grasp on how liberal the campus was


I wish I had known that getting involved in student groups and extracurriculars is very good for establishing a varied and diverse group of friends.


I wish I had known just how bad the surrounding neighborhood is and how that would affect my time here. I wish I had known more about Worcester in general.


I do wish I'd known that Clark is in the most inhospitable part of downtown Worcester.


Get involved in a club/sport/activity/organization in the beginning of the school year.