Clarke University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend Clarke University is someone who does not want to go to a school too far from their home


This school has a rich Catholic background, so if faith is important to you, then I would really recommend checking Clarke out. Also, if you're coming from a small town and the thought of a big state school seems intimidating, Clarke could be a wonderful campus for you.


Someone who lives on campus and doesn't work. It is very diffifult to live off campus and have a job.


Outgoing students who want to attend a small college. The instructors know who you are and will talk to you about missing classes. Its a good school for people who are more reserved too because it is easy to get to know people and the professors and staff care about the students.


I believe the type of person that should attend Clarke College should be a dependable, hard-working, determined, energetic and goal-orientated individual. The student should be determined to achieve a major that will make a difference in society and/or help something; not only should the student try to achieve their goal, but they should also be energetic. Being energetic is important because it brings life to a campus, which is part of what college is all about. If the person is friendly and wants to achieve their goal, they will fit on Clarke Colleg's campus!


A student at Clarke should be independent and willing to explore new things. They need to actively pursue things to get involved in and can really make the college experience their own. You get to decide what kind of experience you want to have. Open yourself up and branch out.


Someone very open and friendly.