Clarke University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Clarke University know before they start?


If I was to talk to my self as a high school senior, I would tell my self that I should try and get as many outside scholarships as I can. If I had known that there were so many scholarships out there, ready for those willing to put in the time and work I would have done exactly that. As a student trying to get more than a bachelors degree, I should have realized that other than grades, college cost is something I need to truly need to focus on if i ntend to make out of college with a good education but not too much debt.


If I could go back in time and give my high-school-self some advice, I would tell her about the imoprtance of saving money. You don't realize how expensive college is until you get there and start racking up college loans. I would also tell her to pay more attention on how to properly write papers, because you will use this skill so much in college.


Know thyself. Remember learning about Greek art senior year in AP Art History? Well that ancient Greek motto is so valuable: Know Thyself. Stop worrying, stop fretting over who you will become. Simply learn to have confidence, in what you do, in who you are, and who you will become and high school life will be so much easier. Learn to know thyself. Deadlines, essays, mock trial practice, memorizing scripts, making plans, finding a job: all of these are stressful minute factors that will prevent you from finding your confidence. There will be plenty more of this to come in college and the years after, but once you've found your confidence and once you know who you are these things will be much easier, and a pleasurable part of the process of being proud of the person you are.


If I could go back into time and talk to myself as a senior in high school the firs thing I would tell myself is to not sweat the little things that happen. Not everything will always go my way and worrying about them will not help the situation it will just wear down on me more. The next thing I would tell myself would to pick up healthy study habbits before I get into college because that is when they become harder to learn. The last thing I would tell myself would be not to worry about change. It will happen if you are ready for it or not and you might as well imbrase it and not try to fight it.


I would tell myself to not second guess my decisions. Whatever may happen, will happen. Trust in you decisions and everything will work out. Losing some friends is ok as long as you are continuing to make new ones. Don't tie yourself down to the first girl you meet. 4 yours is a long time and you won't want to make a decision that affects the rest of your life. I would also tell myself that its ok to spend some moeny in moderation. The last thing I would tell myself is to travel. I would tell myself that you need to go places over spring break and summer and bring your friends with. College is about experiences. Don't waste your time waiting for something to happen. Make it happen.


I would reassure myself about going to a community college before transfering to a larger 4-year college. I was accepted to both Clarke University and Northeast Iowa Community College my senior year of high school. When my parents made me go to NICC, I was crushed. Looking back now, I am so thankful. I received great transfer scholarships because I got good grades. I am also thankful now for saving so much money. In some classes, I feel like I am so much farther ahead because I received more credits working towards a AA degree then other junior students. I would tell myself it will all work out in the end, especially to my advantage. Thank you for this opportunity.


If I could go back to highschool me I would tell myself to focus on school more. I was always centered around sports, and it made me realize now that sports won't get me every where I want to go in life. I want to be a strong woment role model so I wish I would have pushed to do better in school more than I did. I would also tell myself to join as many clubs on campus as possible, I didn't start doing that until now in my junior year. I would also tell myself to get to know my teachers and have a great relationship with them because one day I will need a refrence and it's always nice to have a teacher one.


I would make the same decision that I made in attending Clarke University because I enjoy the nursing program here very much and I have made many friends in the process of attending college here.


Well first of all I would tell myself to break up with that boyfriend because he will hold you back for three years after you graduate High School. I would have told myself to explore my options early on, and not to settle for something just because it might be close to home. Really dig deep into prospective colleges and find something that suits your interests, even if it's a little bit more expensive, because in the long run, you'll be happier. Do everything you do in life for yourlself, and not for anyone else or you'll never be truly happy. It's okay to be self-sacrificing and kind hearted, but just rember yourself once in a while.


Learn proper study techniques and on top of that also learn how you learn best. It will make some of the hardest study materials look easy when you know how to study properly. Be prepared for more work, but do not get caught up in it all the time. College/university is going to cost a lot more as well. Do not panick though, there are finiancial aveunes that help cut the cost. Most importantly, make sure you find time for yourself and friends. That 'me' time will help keep a healthly mental status, which will keep you afloat. And remember sometimes others will need your help to stay afloat as well, but do not spread yourself out too thin! College is about academic learning, but it is also about the social experience. Have fun but do not be a slacker!