Clarks Summit University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Baptist Bible College is a small, friendly, close-knit community of people whose goal is to prepare for future ministry.


Baptist Bible College is a ministry training school where students will earn a Bible degree and pursue education in a field of their choice, while making life-long friends and memories.


An amazing school with great community and love for God.


Baptist Bible College's main goal is to train men and women to serve God in whatever vocation or location He calls them to.


A fun, active place that is centered on creating good relationships and stumulates learning and growth.


Baptist Bible Collge is a very friendly place to learn about God and theology with baptist distinctives. Faculty is very concerned about each student's life academically, socially, spiritually. All majors are geared towards using them in leadership responsibilities, such as teaching, preaching, or counseling where there would be great opportunities to share the Bible and salvation. Campus life is full of great clean fun with no alchohol or drugs. There are many campus wide events each month that are geared towards community and getting to know everyone on campus. It is a small school with 700 students.


Baptist Bible college is one of the best colleges in the nation in my opinion.