Clarks Summit University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at my school are wonderful. Everyone is so kind and always looking out for each other's needs.


The students at my school are wonderful. Everyone has been so kind, and they all look out for each other's needs.


The students are welcoming and hold to conservative values.


My classmates are friendly, encouraging, fun, caring, hard-working individuals.


We are a Baptist School but I have met many other people from different denominations such as Methodists, Calvinists, and even Non-denominational, but they are not treated any differently than everyone else. We have many students from Asia. Even though we mainly have caucasian men and women we also have African-American, Islanders, Indian, South American, etc as well as some straight from Asia. I feel that an atheist would feel out of place at the school. Most students wear nice jeans (no holes, or tears) with a polo shirt or a dressy top. All types of students interact with everyone else. Well, ususally if there were separations in the dining room, it would be bewteen dorms, but that is ususally only because people live together and thus are tighter. Most students are from the East Coast. i dont know anything about the financial backgrounds of others. Most students are Republicans, but they vary in intensity. I have never heard anyone talk about how much money they make.


My classmates are all very different, and yet very alike in that we all share the same salvation through Jesus Christ, and desire to serve Him.


For the most part my classmates are friendly and willing to talk or help me out when I need it.


My classmates are all friendly, supportive (especially when it comes to group projects), fun and caring.


My classmates were amazing and a lot of fun!


My classmates at this college are kind and are very helpful.


My peers are driven towards learning as much about God and the Bible that they can before they leave. Maturing spiritually and emotionally is a goal of many students as well as placing themselves in different leadership roles in which to practice before they start their career. They are normal people that love to have fun and relax with friends.


The most loving (of both people and God), focused, stinkin' funny group of people that I have ever had the privelege of getting to know!


For the most part, everybody is very friendly to eachother. The men are very courteious and gentlemen-like to the women for the most part. For example, the men will generally open a door for a lady. The women are nice, but they are not very career oriented. All most of the women want to do is to get married and be mothers.